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Laboratory Drying Oven

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Laboratory Drying Oven
Laboratory Drying Oven
Item : General Purpose Refrigerators or Refrigerator Freezers
Model : SJ-201DL
FOB Price : USD 2300
M.O.Q : 10 Set
Supply Ability : 100 Set
Payment Terms : Irrevocable L/C Or T/T wire
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Product Details

- The digital PID controller keeps the precise temperature control and prevents the overshooting
  at the setting value for stability (a built-in autotuning function) 
- The unified control panel configures the module following the low voltage direction (LVD) for the
  electric safety and is easy to use.
- CAL: inputting the temperature deviation calibration value is available (Responding to the
  validation with the temperature calibration value) 
- The forced-circulation method to keep the temperature balance.
- **The forced circulation method for the even four-directional air distribution without creating the
  whirlpool by installing the fan housing within the chamber.
- Autoreturn-to-control in case of a blackout, setting up the controller key lock and the timer wait
- Various safety locks for antioverheating feature to protect the testing samples. (DIN 12880:2007
  05, Class 3.1)

- Microprocessor based digital PID controller with auto tuning capability prevents overshooting of
  setting value.
- CAL : It can adjust a compensation value & complete documentation for writing IQ/OQ protocols.
- Ideal construction : Temperature uniformity degree is high by mechanical convection it has fan
  housing there is no vortex flow.
- When cut off the electricity automatic control return function, controller key lock function.
- Safety device : Hydraulic thermostat with a visual alarm will signal if actual temperature exceeds
  set point. With adjustable over temperature protection according 
  to DIN 12880:2007-05, Class 3.1. Basic safety and health requirements for electrical equipment
  and laboratory use; Low voltage directive 2006/95/EC & EMC 
  Directive 2004/108/EC

- Dimensions (In) : w500 x d500 x h600mm      (Out) : W660 x D680 x H930mm.
- Volume of chamber : 150 L
- Temperature controller : Digital PID control with auto tuning function (V97-SJ0)
  Range : Ambient +5 ℃ ∼ 250 ℃
  Stability : ≤±0.2 ℃ @100 ℃
  Homogeneity : ≤±1.0 ℃ @100 ℃
- Shelf (Adjustable position) : 3 (Load 30 kg/each)
- Material (In) : Stainless steel plate (SUS 304)
  (Out) : Steel plate with powder coating finished (SCP-1)
- Circulation fan : 50 W Blow fan
- Door : Silicone gasket door with observation window
- Timer : 99 d 23 h, 99 h 59 min, 99 min 59 s, Continuous (Selectable), Wait zone function
- Heater : 2 kW
- Safety device : Exclusive over temp. limit (Hydraulic thermostat), Circuit breaker, 
  Visible & audible alarm, etc. (DIN 12880:2007-05, Class 3.1),
  CE Marked
- Power source : 220 VAC , 60 Hz, 1 Phase, 9 A


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