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Booil Safes possesses cutting-edge equipment and technological capacity thanks to its investments and ceaseless R&D. Our products are the result of long accumulated tradition, know-how and technological capacity. Our corporate ideology is to maximize customer satisfaction and quality improvement throughout the entire process of output to the manufacturing of end-products. In addition, our company is pouring all efforts to ceaselessly develop unique next-generation alternative safe models to lead the global safe industry.

Since our establishment in 1971, we have specialized in the production of safes and not only do we sell them in Korea, but also export them to over 100 countries worldwide, including the United States, China, and Europe, because of our certified quality.

Booil Safes’ factory possesses equipment that can provide top quality and cutting-edge technology. Through strict quality control and checking of each production stage, we guarantee uniform quality of our products.

We have consolidated numerous certificates including UL/USA, SP/SWEDEN, SINTEF/NORWAY,GOST/RUSSIA,JIS/JAPAN, KS/KOREA, CE/EUROPE & ISO/U.K

Main products

Fireproof safes, fireproof cabinets, antitheft safes, hotel safes, and insertion type safes.


High-quality mass production and provision of services for full customer satisfaction


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Company History
1992.04 : be selected as the quality certificated company
1994.01 : approved the KS(Korean Standard) Certificate
1999.04 : be selected as the export supporting company
1999.05 : approved the GOST(Russian) Certificate
1999.11 : won the award of a million dollars in annual exports
2000.07 : approved ISO 9001(U.K) Certificate
2000.11 : won the award of three million dollars in annual exports
2001.02 : approved the UL(U.S.A) Certificate
2003.10 : approved the SINTEF(NORWAY) Test Report
2005.11 : won the award of five million dollars in annual exports
2005.12 : approved the SP(SWEDEN) Test Report
2006.01 : approved the CE(EUROPE) Certificate for Digital Lock
2008.06 : won the award of ten million dollar in annual exports
2010.05 : approved the JIS(JAPAN) Certificate
2010.11 : won the award of the Korean World-class Product
Contact Information
Company Name BOOIL SAFES CO., LTD 
Address 103-30, Golden root-ro, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do 621-842, Rep. of KOREA 
Telephone +82-55-325-2390 
Company & Product Information
Country/Territory Korea, Republic of
Business Type Manufacturer 
Selling Category [K_290108050000] Safes 
Year Established 2000-10-01 
Number of Employee 102 people 
Factory Information
Factory Name BOOIL SAFES CO., LTD 
Tel +82-55-325-2300 / 23 
We, BOOIL SAFES, have many kinds of new facilities and machines including an automatic bending machine that is made by SALVAGNINI Italia.
We also have a welding robot that welds and effectively produce the safes with speed.
Since 1971, we have been manufacturing and exporting safes only.
Based on the export volume, BOOIL SAFES is No.1 in the safe making industry in Korea. We have been exporting our safes to more than 100 countries, because of the high quality of our mass production system. 
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