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HJ-505 Digital Universal Sand St..
Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers..
Mortar Air Test, HJ-1412
HJ-8361 Rockwell Hardness Tester
HJ-1166 JIS Type Mortar Flow Table
HJ-5380 Automatic Asphalt Compact..
HJ-5305 Digital Asphalt Stability..
HJ-1156 Bench Type Mixer
HJ-8551 Twist Testing Machine
HJ-2400 Aggregate soundness Test ..
HJ-8351 Brinell Hardness Tester
HJ-8352 Auto Brinell Hardness Tes..
HJ-4600 Standard Penetration Test..
HJ-7970 Digital Tile Adhesive Tes..
HJ-3863~4 Rock Test Hammer
HJ-3850 Concrete Test Hammer
HJ-3830 Poisson's Ratio Apparatus
HJ-3750 Polishing Machine for Con..
HJ-3740~1 Point Loading Strength ..
HJ-3731 Digital Portable Compress..
HJ-5150 Thin Film Oven Tester
HJ-5140 Asphalt Oven
HJ-5120 Mortorized Centrifuge Ext..
HJ-5070 Engler Viscosimeter
HJ-5010 Ductility Testing Machine
HJ-5000 Asphalt Penetrometer
HJ-4520 Swedish Sounding Apparatus
HJ-4500 Portable Cone Penetrometer
HJ-4480 Plate Bearing Test Set fo..
HJ-4450 Plate Bearing Test Set
HJ-4353 Standard Consolidation Te..
HJ-4323 Variable Head Permeabilit..
HJ-4303 Constant head Permeabilit..
HJ-4560 Portable Vane Shear Appar..
HJ-4221 Compact Direct Shear Appa..
HJ-3630 Crops of Engineer Spec. f..
HJ-3500 Concrete Comparator
HJ-3450 Concrete permeability Tes..
HJ-3369 Concrete Pan Mixer-Medium
HJ-3291~3 Plane-O-Gauge
HJ-3221~2 Cylinder Capping Appara..
HJ-3201~6 Cylinder Mould
HJ-3100 Concrete Air Meter
HJ-2351 Sample Pan
HJ-2310 Large Capacity Sample Spl..
HJ-2230 Aggregate Impact Machine
HJ-1457 Carbonation Test Chamber
HJ-1455 Digital Humidity Chamber
HJ-1411 Mortar Air Meter (Germany)
HJ-1410 Mortar Slump Test Set
HJ-1350 Water Retention Test Appa..
HJ-1320 Program Auto Clave Expans..
HJ-1400 Mortar Permeability Appar..
HJ-1300 Cement Comparator
HJ-1191 Cement/Mortar Compression..
HJ-1190 Digital Briquette Tension..
HJ-1171 Digital Flexure Tester
HJ-1161 Motorized Mortar Flow Tab..
HJ-1100 Blaine Air-Permeability A..
HJ-1110 Vicat Apparatus
HJ-2200 LA Abrasion Testing Machi..
HJ-2160 Aggregate Sieve Shaker
Electronic Balance
HCT-DH 200 Digital Compression Te..
HJ-5160 Core Drilling Machine
HJ-4425 Digital Lab. C.B.R. Teste..
HJ-4251 Digital Unconfined Compre..
HJ-2150 Ro-Top Sieve Shaker
HJ-1150 Mortar Mixer
HJ-8501 Rotary Bending Fatigue Te..
HJ-8362 Auto Rockwell Hardness Te..
HUT-CS200 Computer Servo Control ..
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