Company ACT Co., Ltd.
CEO Name So Hyeon-Soo
Telephone ☎ 82-63-531-8070
Fax ☎ 82-63-531-8072
Address , 866-1, Habuk-dong, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do Korea
Selling Category [K_280101040100]


Company Introduction

ACT is acronym for ‘Advanced Clean & Catalytic Technology’, where we are an eco-
friendly technology specialty company that manufactures and sells products that remove
harmful air pollutants, LED eco-friendly energy products, and antibacterial products
based on the catalyst technology.

Some of the technologies we possess are deodorization catalyst technology to remove
harmful odor gas substance and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which is the
technology to manufacture the only deodorization catalyst in Korea, Ceramic
Honeycomb, and SCR denitration catalyst manufacturing technology to remove nitrogen
oxides, and such technologies were applied and sold as products to deodorization
catalyst for refrigerators and bidets, deodorization filter for air purifiers, and SCR

Also, starting with LED lamps for industrial factories, various kinds of indoors/outdoors
LED lamps were distinguished and competitively provided.

LED products have been installed for more than 1 year or so in actual use and have been
constantly verified for perfect quality assurance, and components that have a depressing
impact on the product’s performance and life cycle are made by switching the
technology configuration with domestic components that have been improved in quality
to ensure quality that can only be trusted.

ACT has the goal to become a global Hidden Champion that bases off of advanced
environmental technology that responds optimally to threatening environmental issues. 
Our dream is to become a company with working atmosphere that encourages workers,
work that brings happiness to the employees’ families, and a company that does all its
best for social responsibilities.  We will try our very best to fulfill these goals and to
make sure customer satisfaction and impression are achieved.

By making a role model within the community to promote sustainable development of
an individual, company, and furthermore the world.
Promote healthy lives by making eco-friendly and excellent products that are used in
daily lives.