Company DNT Co., Ltd.
CEO Name Ujung Jeong
Telephone ☎ +82637233001
Fax ☎ +82637233004
Address 307, Eco Center, KETI, 111, Ballyong-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do
Selling Category [K_212300000000] Other Home Appliances

 Company Introduction

DNT Corporation is a professional company in the product design, prototype manufacture,
and 3-D design industries. Our company uses a professional design processor to provide
innovative designs that can satisfy our consumer’s demands. We are trying our best to
contribute for the development of the design industries.

DNT corporation possesses high-quality product designㆍmanufacture labor forces, with
highly accurate industrial 3D printers and high-quality, self-made R&D devices. Also, our labor force has received impressive prize performances in diverse contests and exhibition. Using our
R&D devices and outstanding labor development as the foundation, we are continuously
implementing research on design, lay out, prototype manufacture and other areas of our
products. As a result, we are manufacturing premium household appliances by establishing
independent and unique product development know-hows.

HULAB is a premium household appliance product brand that means “Human + Lab” (Human
+ Research on the values of life). The brand is a perfect example of DNT Corporation, who
strive to be a company “that researches methods for people to live a better life.”
Our company has mainly researched on the primary resource of humans, “water”. We have
then incorporated this research in our household appliances, such as in eco-friendly
germicide, premium water and others. This was all done with the economic principles of DNT
Corporation, which is to increase the quality of life, and conclusively help consumers pursue