Company KogeneBiotech
CEO Name Yongsuk Nam
Telephone ☎ +82-2-2026-2150
Fax ☎ +82-2-2026-2155
Address , 168, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-786, Rep. of KOREA
Selling Category [K_220127010000] Gene Specific Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR Kits

Since KogeneBiotech was founded in 2000 our company has earned a reputation for innovation in Molecular Diagnostics. Our main business units are the production of Real-time PCR/conventional PCR Kit based on the active R&D works and Testing Service for Food and Human.

We have put major efforts in searching a new market, and new R&D works of the genetic analysis, so we have been successful at expanding the base of Real-time PCR technique in clinical diagnostics area.
As a result, KogeneBiotech is the Korean industry leader in the field of PCR/Real-time PCR Kit market for Human Molecular Diagnostics and Food Genetic Analysis.

Now we produce about 400 PCR and Real-time PCR Kits and the great part of these products are developed by Government’s grant and collaboration with national research institute.