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  • BEAULY 1

    BEAULY 1

    ting 3.Strength adjustment lamp 4.Strength adjustment button 5.Ion chip for facial parts 6.Far-infrared radiation/vibration...lps to improve reddened skin from mild acne and to becloud melanin pigment, ionizing water-soluble components in cosmetics to facilitate ...
    dionekorea co., ltd.
    Keywords Beauty , Personal Care , Supplies , Equipment , Facial Body
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  • V-<strong class='keyword'>Chip</strong> Stone
    French arabic Indonesian

    V-Chip Stone

    V &ndash; Chip Stone Made with acrylic polymer, natural aggregate, and carbon color chip, V-Chip Stone is spray-able finish for premium EIFS...ural stone. The coloring in the aggregate is applied using natural pigment baked under high-temperature, giving the color ...
    BAROCO Korea Co., Ltd.
    Keywords Textured Coating , spray Stone , coating
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  • Waterbase <strong class='keyword'>Pigment</strong> Ink Cartridge

    Waterbase Pigment Ink Cartridge

    Waterbade Pigment Ink Cartridge for Epson 7900/9900, 7890/9890, 7700/9700 Features New compatible intelligent chip cartridge Qualified inks at affordable pricing Formulated for outstanding color gamut whole mixibility with OEMs Excellent light and water ...
    Keywords waterbase pigment ink , ink cartridge
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  • Waterbased Ink and Cartridge

    Waterbased Ink and Cartridge

    eatures Compatible with canon Lucia Ink New Compatible intelligent chip cartridge Good adhesiveness on photo paper Excellent light and...ts Dimension Cartridge C101 iPF6000s 8 colors(Y/M/C/PM/PC/GY/MK/K) Pigment 130ml 125x135x40 C102 iPF500/600/700 iPF510/610/710 5 ...
    Keywords ink cartridge , waterbased ink
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  • Ink and Cartridge

    Ink and Cartridge

    50, Z6100, 9000/10000 printers Features New compatible intelligent chip cartridge Qualified inks at affordable pricing Formulated for...igment 1000ml 400x150x50 C91 Z6100 8 colors (Y/M/C/PK/MK/GY/LM/LC) Pigment 775cc 115x265x55 Bulk Ink IR-HD50 5000/5500 6 ...
    Keywords ink cartridge
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