Super Gemma 20

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Maximizing the size of pore particles and high gloss of surface
realize high strength and excellent esthetic.

  • Type of packing : 18kg Large-sized box(1.5kg small-sized box x 12ea)
  • Color : Golden Brown

Contents of Product

  • Stable and low expansion rate (achieves 0.08% expansion rate)
  • Excellent esthetic superiority from high gloss of surface of the model
  • High strength by maximizing the size of pore particles during crystal growth
  • Consistent quality by state-of-the-art nongravity mixture process


  • It is environmentally friendly product made from natural materials.
  • No disperse of power during insertion and/or mixing process.
  • Excellent handling property with its flowbility.

Instructions of Usage

  • Slowly Spray 100g of Super Gemma 20 in 20 ml water.
  • Leave it for approx. 30 seconds, and mixing for 30 ~60 seconds.
  • Pour the mixture into the mold. Using vibrator can avoid any porosity for the smooth surfaced model.
  • After 30 minutes from pouring, separate the plaster model from mold.
  • Ideal working conditions : Water Temp.15-20℃, Room Temp. 15-20°C, Mixing Time 30-60s, Tap water level, according to the instructions.


  • Antagonist for dental model.
  • Anchor for dental model
  • Implant model
  • CAM/CAD work

Directions for the use

  1. Water Temperature
    - When the water temperature is low, the solvency of stone increases resulting in high intensity caused by sudden expansion of microcrystallinity but it takes longer hardening time.
    - When the water temperature is high, rapid crystalization of stone is made which reduces the hardening time, but it could cause reduction of intensity etc.
  2. Room Temperature
    - When the room temperature is low, it could cause longer hardening time and reduction of intensity etc.
    - When the room temperature is high, rapid crystalization growth reduces cast hardening time but it could casue
    reduction of intensity etc.
  3. Agitation Time
    - Short agitation time : The cast and water might not be mixed sufficiently causing longer hardening time. It also could reduce reproduction and intensity.
  4. Water Quality
    - In case of using ground water, it could react with ingredients such as Mg, Na resulting in decrease of intensity.
  5. Remarks
    - Pay attention to inhaling powder and getting in eyes.
    - Please wear a mask or a protective goggles when necessary.
    - Please be sure to seal the product and avoid a place of high temperature and humidity.

Type of packing

  • 18kg Large-sized box (1.5kg small-sized box x 12EA)
  • Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical Specifications


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