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[ Brand  Story ]

Established in Geneva during the first half of the 19th century, the house of Haas gained its reputation by manufacturing the great complications of watchmaking. Clarity of lines and innovative technological mastery, expressed in gold and platinum, were the demanding criteria on which Haas built its reputation.
Founded in 1848 by Leopold and Benjamin Haas, Manufacture des Montres B. Haas began its activities on Quai du Mont-Blanc, Geneva. Haas concentrated immediately on the most sophisticated aspects of watch production - i.e. the manufacturing of unique and exclusive pieces. Haas has mastered most of the complications in classical watchmaking including the perpetual calendars, chronographs, double chronographs, (very rare only manufactured by one other company) ultra thin watches, split second chronographs chronometers, dual times as well as beautifully enamelled wrist and pocket watches.

Even at this early stage in their development Haas has defined what was to be its everlasting style - simplicity and elegance. This simplicity has been the foundation on which Haas has designed watches for one and one half centuries and remains the focus of the company today.

[ Brand History ]
In 1848, the Swiss Confederation organizes itself as a modern state under its new constitution. The same year, certainly inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the time, Leopold HAAS (1827-1915) and Benjamin HAAS (1828-1915), both knights of the legion of Honour, start their watch manufactory in Geneva at Quai du Mont-Blanc. ANCIENNE MANUFACTURE DES MONTRES HAAS & Cie is born.
Haas changes its name to HAAS NEVEUX & Cie to reflect the entry of new family members into the company. The company's purpose remains constant, namely to produce works of art in small quantities. HAAS launches an imaginative innovation for pocket-watches, whereby the actual opening and closing of the watch cover activates the winding mechanism. Haas also patents a number of breakthrough technological improvements related to the intricacies of complex watch mechanisms.
HAAS presents the first ultra-thin watch at the Geneva Exhibition. This 2 millimeters thick movement opens new vistas for the design of watches, allowing new slim designs and bringing a new sleekness and feel to the modern watch. The HAAS company's reputation is now established amongst watchmaking's elite.
HAAS wins first prize for precision in the Geneva Observatory contest.
HAAS once again wins first place with the score of 878.8 points. This score has never been equaled since. At the National Exhibition in Bern, HAAS presents a new collection of ladies' watches in gold and platinum. HAAS is awarded the Grand Prix of the Exhibition. Its ultra-thin movement has now been reduced to an incredible 1.3 millimeters thick!
HAAS offers for sale for the first time a series of minute repeater wrist-watches, equipped with a movement of 10‘’ and 13‘’
HAAS is one of the first manufacturers to launch square case, in white gold and platinum, for ladies. This was extremely innovative for the times and maintained HAAS in the avant-garde of watch design and technical innovation. The HAAS company's reputation was now international, in Europe, the East and the Americas. HAAS opened a representation of New York's 5th Avenue
Once again under its original name of ANICIENNE MANUFACTURE DES MONTRES HAAS & Cie. HAAS, established at Mont-s/Rolle, offers a modern but extremely refined line of watches in gold and platinum, continuing faithfully in the tradition established in 1848. Precious materials, perfectly mastered technology and purity of line are the HAAS company's hallmarks, thus serving to maintain the high standards that have continued HAAS legend.
HAAS & CIE has been well inherited by its tradition and high technology and developed the contemporary design of watches under concept of ‘Simply Elegant Complications’. The innovatively renewed collections has been well acclaimed by customers all around the world.
The limited edition of ‘HAAS & CIE’ 160th anniversary collection has been introduced for Celebration of long history since 1848 (160 years).


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