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Portable Water Filter Bottle

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Portable Water Filter Bottle

Portable water purifier that supplies clean water from rain water, river water, stream water and others easily. Suitable for those who often do mountain climbing like soldiers, camping and outdoor activities, who have a difficult time of maintaining drinkable water during outdoor activities. Small, light and portable. Can be used for multiple purposes (straw method, foldable water bottle type, compass function). Uses specially designed life membrane to remove bacteria, and uses a certified antimicrobial ceramic ball on the interior that is not susceptible to contamination even during long usage. Thus, is very simple to use through simple maintenance.

- Effectively removes normal bacteria, E. coli, some heavy metals and chemical materials (99.9% removal rate of bacteria)
- Can easily absorb water through an application of the Air Ventil
- Small, light and portable
- Simple to use employing a straw method. When needed, can store water as a foldable water bottle.
- Has antimicrobial materials in the inside to prevent contamination of the inside filter.
- Can be used while connecting to typical plastic bottles and water bags (optional)
- Able to use various water bags and containers to fill up with purified water (optional)

- Applied technology: LIFE membrane (special hollow fiber membrane) / Antibacterial material)
- Usage effect: removes bacteria, E. coli, organic/non-organic materials and other diverse foreign substances
- Water discharge: 1.5L per minute (may vary depending on the water quality)
- Water amount: Maximum 1200 L (may vary depending on the water quality)
- Weight: 50g
- Size: 118 × 32mm
- Term of guarantee: 1 year
- Materials: Plastics, Polysulfone, Antibacterial material
- Accessory: Foldable water bottle, life water bag (optional)



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Hyundai Wacortec Co., Ltd

Hyundai Wacortec Co., Ltd

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    Shin Yongseong
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    A-301, Seoul, Seoul (01788)
Hyundai wacortec Co.,Ltd is a professional exporting company that attributes 95% of our entire revenue through foreign exports. It has been active in export marketing for a long period of time with efficient foreign market management.The company engages in the design, manufacture, foreign outsourcing of parts and other technological functions of water purifiers of drinkable water, industrial-type purification devices, industrial plants, industrial air purifiers, bidets and other products. This has allowed company to reach superiority above company’s domestic and foreign competitors. Additionally, through continuous technology development through company laboratory, The company is competing side-by-side with companies of advanced countries in the global market.The company exported to more than 60 countries, and have foreign agencies in over 40 countries. This has allowed company to be a leader in domestic technology and to export products abroad.
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    wearable Portable Air Purifier
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    1~2 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people


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