Korean ginseng berry tablet

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    300mg x 100tablet
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    Ginseng berry tablet




With the selection of the best qualified 6-year-old Korean original red ginseng and full auto production, its brand name of SAMJAEUL Korean red ginseng has been accumulating reputation among world-wide customers, building know-how, skill and experiences and enjoying the best quality of ginseng products. 


• Weight-loss aid


• Metabolisom and immunity booster


• Diabetes prevention and management


• Reduction in cholestreol levels


• Antioxidant booster



What is Red Ginseng?


With the best selection of high quality of 6 year-old fresh ginseng, we steamed the fresh ginseng and then dry it without peeling under the moisture of 14%. During its process. It has the browning reaction and tums into yellow-brown color, keeping the original appearance in the form of very tight type.


The characteristic of Red Ginseng


1. Creating special ingredient in manufacturing process


Maltol, Ginsenoside RH2, Ginsenoside Rg3, 8 kinds of special ingredient of red ginseng


2. High rate of beneficial ingredients to human body


Anti-cancer, active control ingredients, aging control, heavy-metal neutralization, etc.


3. The highest kinds of Saponin ingredients


Saponin is called as Ginsenoside that plays a key role of medical action as one of many valid ingredients. As widely-known medical actions, they act anti-cancer, spirit stability, anti-inflammation, aging control, etc.


4. High digestion absorption


It has the function of higher digestion absorption than normal ginseng because it can be changed into the state of Gel from Sol in the manufacturing process.


5. High effective efficacy


Ginseng has network structure where many valid ingredients are stored at the very outskirts of skin. Red ginseng has high effective efficacy because it is made without its peeling.


6. No damaged contents under the long-term storage


Getting through the steamed and dried process, the structure of red ginseng becomes strong. In addition, enzyme is inactive, causing non-self digesting action. So, even under long-term storage content is never affected.


Product : Korean ginseng berry tablet


Net WT : 300mg x 100tablet


Dosage : Take 2 tablets a day with sufficient water


Storage : Keep a cool area by avoiding humid place


Warning : Those who are suffering from allergy, idiosyncrasy, disease, nursing and the pregnant, consult with physician. 


Ingredients: 100% Korean ginseng berry


Ginsenoside : 7.15mg/g


* Ginseng berry means ginseng seed to bloom



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