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BMB Barrier Cream

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Including lecithin, a vegetable emulsifying agent extracted from beans, BMB Barrier Cream is skin-friendly. The product helps effectively manage damaged skin barrier and produce protective layer of skin, thanks to its camellia oil which includes essential fatty acid for skin, and ceramide and cholesterol, two of skin constituents. 1. Suitable for itchy skin thanks to ceramide and bamboo extract in the product which has strong moisturizing effect. 2. Nano-technology employed effectively transfers the various useful ingredients deep into the skin, easing the skin trouble effectively.

1. Suitable for itchy skin thanks to ceramide and bamboo extract in the product which has strong moisturizing effect. 

2. Nano-technology employed effectively transfers the various useful ingredients deep into the skin, easing the skin trouble effectively. 

Just small amount of Atopilla BMB Barrier Cream works well. 

Four phases of cleansing, moisturizing, relief and protection of the product change sensitive and 

dry skin to soft and supple one. 

Including ceramide and various extracts from natural plants, Atopilla BMB System not only hypoallergenic but greatly eases sensitive skin by increasing moisturizing effect. (Common function) 

What is bamboo extract? 

Bamboo extract comes from thin and semi-transparent skin inside the bamboo. 

Main ingredient of bamboo extract 

Abscisic acid(s-form) = Includes abundant nenol, amino acids and organic acids, showing excellent effect on treating troubled skin as well as moisturization. 

Use Atopilla Mist and/or Gel Lotion first after facial cleansing, and then apply the barrier cream on the troubled part overtimes. 

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Made in Korea 


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    Seocho-gu, Sapyeong-daero 106, Seoul, Korea (06575)
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