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ACE Electronics.co.,Ltd

Gas Detector TX-401

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    100 ea
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    1,000 ea per Month
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  • Brand
    ACE Electronics.co.,Ltd
    Model TX-401
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    170(W) x 180(H) x 80(D)

ACE Electronics is one of Korean leading companies in the future-oriented field of safety products technology including security applications. Our advanced technology provides high-safety, high-quality and reliability in your home and business. From high-safety to best-value solutions, youll find an answer for all your fire and intrusion detection applications with ACE Electronics products. Dealer/installers have relied on ACE Electronics for creative ideas that make installation and service easier, reduce costs, and boost customer satisfaction. View product information for Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Gas Alarm and Control Panel.


Measuring Gas O2, CO2, CL2, NH3, HCL, HCN, SO2, ... Combustible/Toxic gas
Measuring Type Diffusion Type
Measuring Method

Hot wire semiconductor cell

Catalytic cell

Thermal conductivity cell

Measuring Range 0~2000 ppm, 0~100% LEL, 0~100% Volume
Response Time <20 sec / 90% scale
Accuracy ±3%
Output Signal 4~20mA DC
Cable/Distance 3 wire (Above CWSB 1.5sq) / 2500m max.
Conduit Connecion

1/2" & 3/4" PF, NTP (3/4" PF standard)

Mounting Type 2" Pole mount, Wall mount, Duct mount

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

5~99%.RH (non-condensing)

Operating Poewr

18~31V DC (24V DC normal) / 200mA max.
Dimensions 170(W) x 180(H) x 80(D)
Weight 1.3kg
Approval Flame proof type (Ex dllC T6 IP65)
Uses and characteristics
- General use (home, office, guard room, school, etc.)
- Sales (restaurants, shops, gas dealers, etc.)
- Industrial (factory, gas manufacturer, gas store, etc.)
- Precise detection function even for minute gas leakage (using JAPAN NEMOTO SENSOR)
- Prevent malfunction by NOISE
- passed the electromagnetic interference test (EMS)
- Built-in constant voltage circuit against voltage fluctuation at the place of use
- remote gas detection function with separate receiver and detector
- Suitable for explosion-proof place because of explosion-proof structure


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  • Name : Gangu Lee
  • Tel : 82-0318582020
  • Email : gassos7@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 25-18,Hwahap-ro 1402beon-gil,, Yangju-si,, Gyeonggi-do,Korea
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ACE Electronics.co.,Ltd

ACE Electronics.co.,Ltd

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    25-18,Hwahap-ro 1402beon-gil,, Yangju-si,, Gyeonggi-do,Korea
Introduction Since our establishment in 1993, ACE Electronics has been committed to protecting the lives and property of citizens by preventing industrial accidents. As a result of our focus on technological development, we are now recognized as a manufacturer of high quality gas leak detectors and alarm devices at home and abroad. We will continue to work hard to achieve technological excellence and customer satisfaction through endless research and development. For details on our products, please visit our website at www.acetop119.com. Thank you. Main Products - Commercial and Industrial Gas Alarm - Commercial and Industrial Shutoff Gas Valve Systems - Alarm Control Panel for Security Purposes - Handheld Gas Leakage Detectors - Toxic Gas Alarm - Heat Detectors - Smoke Detectors Vision Slogan The realization of world’s safety to protect life and properties by the best products - Technology Development Promotion - Improves quality control - Boosts customer satisfaction Business - Commercial and Industrial Gas Alarm - Commercial and Industrial Shutoff Gas-Valve Systems - Alarm Control Panel for The Security - Hand-held Gas Leakage Detectors - Toxic Gas Alarm - Heat Detectors - Smoke Detectors - Electronics Scales - Electronic Parts & P. W. Board Assembly
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    Gas Shut-off Device
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    5~10 people


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