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PBT Polybutylene Terephthalate resin(PBT) is synthetic engineering plastic material from terephthalic acid or terephthalic acid dimethyl to 1,4 butadiene.

This material has excellent character to the dimensional stability, flame resistance, electric insulation and abrasion resistance.. etc. PBT material is used to the electric, electronic component like connector, switch, audio component.. etc. and used to the automobile components like wiper arm, carburetor and connector…etc. Since material has been changed from nylon, This material could be used to multipurpose in the future.
* PP
PP is similar to the synthetic polymer(=polyethylene) which can be made by propylene. But PP has high solidity and light weight. Raw material is propylene gas base which has industrial merits.
This material has been using to the injection and extrusion molding, coating to the paper and aluminum, film, textile and tape... etc. This has good transparency and minimized liquid penetrability. Bursting strength, heat resistance and chemical resistance is also good.
* PA6
With high impulse strength, durability in the low temperature, PA6 material is cheaper than PA66 material. PA6 material has better resistance to the grease and detergent compare to PA66 material.
This material has been providing from injection & extrusion molding material to casting material, sheet material, low foamed RIM foam, coating on the metal surface, powder for coating and alcohol solution. Reinforced nylon has character to reduce dimensional change a lot by moisture absorption and has improved thermal resistance, solidity in the high temperature, strong property to the resistance of creep and improved to the fatigue strength. P66 used to injection molding a lot has excellent to the flexural rigidity, hardness, durability of abrasion and thermal resistance compare to the PA66. But PA6 material is excellent to the impact strength and contraction to the PA66.
* PA66
PA66 is made of nylon material which is excellent to mechanical and chemical properties. With good durability of abrasion and formability, there is no noise for the gear made of this material.
PA66 has lubrication and non-toxic character. The weak point of this material is lack of precision degree by heat expansion and humidity, is lack of acid resistance and light stability.
The usage of PA66 material will be increased rapidly.
* PC
Polycarbonate contained to the engineering plastic is strong material to the impact. This material is good to the heat resistance and low temperature (135~-100’C) with stability to the light. When producing with this material, It is less oxidized compare to other type of material.
This material has excellent electrical properties, transparent, dimensional stability, weatherproof and low absorption. It is strong to the water and strong acid without toxicity. This material is widely apply to the electric component, machine component, daily necessities(food, gas lighter, cosmetic container), protective helmet…etc


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    45-28, Asa-gil, Jillyang-eup,, Gyeongsan-si,, Gyeongsangbuk-do,Korea (38479)
"We are one of leading company in Korea for Engineering Plastic Compounding Industry who provide best-quality of products and respond to the customer’s needs promptly. We can quickly cope with the customer’s demands due to our adopted production system making various grades of material. We have been solving customer’s problems promptly whenever we meet. Our production items, Engineering Plastics, have been used in electrical, electronic, automotive and other industrial fields. With our accumulated experience in the Development and Sales of Engineering Plastics, We have been supplying our products to our customer Due to moderate management expenses, accumulated know-how and mess purchasing system, we can reduce production cost and supply our products to the customers with the most reasonable price compared to other companies. With many engineers who have excellent capacity, know-how on plastic compounding, color compounding & development career for over 10 years, we have been matching various demands of customers.
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