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Turbine valve actuator tester

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Summary of Product
The Turbine Valve Actuator Tester (TVAT) is a portable tester that can be used without detaching the turbine valve actuators from the hydraulic system. TVAT is especially used for diagnosis and performance test of turbine valve actuators, used for controlling the amount of turbine steam in electrical and nuclear power plants.

For the testing of Turbine Valve Hydraulic Actuators, the hydraulic actuators do not disconnect from the grid. Instead, it uses the test block for removable testing and analysis of the hydraulic supply and measurement system. A technology has also been developed for predictive diagnostic algorithms and the preventive maintenance level of performance diagnostics exam (inside-of-the-cylinder leakage test and dump seat leak test). The said technology makes use of hydraulics and test algorithms, data analysis, and predictive diagnostics. The configuration technology, on the other hand, uses the hydraulic actuators to predict system performance diagnostics, through a preseparation health assessment. Aside from these, the conservation prevention techniques of the field test is also removable.

The tester technology includes hydraulic data analysis and forecasting diagnosis algorithms to evaluate
the soundness and forecast hydraulic actuator diagnosis.


Product Competitiveness 
The Turbine Valve Actuator Tester (TVAT) was successful in a field test performed at the Korean power company, KOSPO, in May 2012. It successfully commercialized and received favorable customer feedback. It was also selected as a prior purchase recommendation product by the patent office of Korea.



TVAT is the only product that was able to test its Turbine Valve Actuators in workplaces and actually has multiple patents.


The test is necessary for the reliable supply of electrical power and safety, especially with the current global increase of power plants. 

TVAT improved on the separation problem of the Turbine Valve Actuators from the hydraulic system for diagnosis and was able to diagnose the performance without detachment.


Desired and Ripple Effects
1. Stable production of electrical power anytime.
2. The maintenance cost reduction by deletion of unnecessary detachments
3. Enhanced maintenance environment by self-test
4. Steadiness evaluation and accomplishment of plant maintenance reliability

Nuclear and thermal power plants to be supplied to the steam turbine (Steam) installed to control the amount of hydraulic actuators, the main core devices without having to remove it from the system, the performance that dramatically improves the diagnosis is not possible.
In line without disconnecting the system unnecessarily, that is, the system is installed, performance diagnosis through to the evaluation and development of health maintenance for ensuring the reliability of the hydraulic actuator tester is the performance diagnosis tests.

-Turbine Valve hydraulic Actuators are attached to the system lines in the state simply by attaching a Test Block Performance Diagnosis of Turbine Valve hydraulic Actuators.
-Leakge Test of Shut-off Valve(tested in the tester)
-Dump Test of hydraulic Actuator
-Test for proving a performance after the maintenance of the turbine valve actuators
-Test of the modulus of elasticity of a spring of a spring housing(option)
-Servo valve test(tested in the tester)
MODEL : PHST-10-150 Turbine Valve Hydraulic Actuator Portable Tester is classified into a main body, a control and detecting box to easily access a spot for an online-test of the turbine valve actuator(governor), and is characterized in that the main body includes a hydraulic power generating unit, a kind of detecting device capable of detecting oil leakage and pressure, a simulated test servo cylinder unit, a tested physical quantity display window, a test block, an operation manipulation unit, and a hydraulic hose connector, Internal Leakage Test Block.Turbine valve hydraulic actuator portable Tester provides automatic determination of repair and replacement periods for the Turbine Valve Hydraulic Actuators.
Differently from an existing fixed-type tester, a simulated single cylinder is installed, so that the turbine valve hydraulic actuator tester can conduct a test under conditions identical to an operation condition, to achieve a decrease in test errors and improve test accuracy.
Desired and ripple Effect 
1. Stable production of electrical power by all, anytime, and post test
2. The reduction of maintenance cost by deletion of unnecessary detachment
3. Enhanced maintenance environment by self test
4. The evaluation of steadiness and the accomplishment of plant maintenance reliability



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Future Automation Co., Ltd. was founded in May 1998 as a company with the mission of "Challenging mind and customer satisfaction". Through the engineering, design, manufacture and installation of industrial sectors’ pneumatic, hydraulic , and vacuum system, we are in charge of the efficiency, environmental management, productivity, and product quality of each industry. Especially, it is important to check the performance of turbine valve hydraulic actuators, which is a core device installed to control the amount of steam supplied to the turbines of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants. "Performance Prediction Diagnostic Tester for Turbine Valve Hydraulic Actuators (TVAT)" evaluates performance through diagnosis of malfunctions in advance and increased reliability of the power plant’s maintenance and diagnosis technology. It was distributed to power plants and favorably received to power generation companies for its successful performance on the power plant site demonstration test. The "Performance Prediction Diagnostic Tester for Turbine Valve Hydraulic Actuators (TVAT)", the world’s first developed tester in the area of futuristic automation, is a new product that has been verified of its performance and successfully applied on the field of power plants. We have gained the new product (NEP) certification, and we are concentrating on expanding distribution to domestic power generation companies . We are also mainly working on strengthening our marketing competence to secure overseas production and sales based in China, Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia, and promoting new market openings. Thank you President Engineer K.C YOUN 代表 尹啓天 拜上
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