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RexVa XiCA Heating Film [XM250~XM305e]

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    100 ea
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    1,000 ea per Month
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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East
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      Depend on quantity


  • Brand
    Model XT305, XT308, XT310,XM305, XM308, XM310,XM305H
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    36.6 ~ 47.6 kg

World best brand ; XiCA Heating Film

XiCA Heating Film is the most advanced face-shape far-infrared heating element unit which is made through the following processes of applying carbon heating element to base film, putting a thin coating made with activated carbon to absorb pollutants, creating electrode with copper foil, lastly making laminating process with film made from PET material.
Unlike regular heaters, carbon heating element is coated on the entire film which enables them to emit far-infrared radiation evenly.
This is beneficial to your health making you feel the warmth of sunshine. And also the exterior material of film heater is special fabric made of PET material and processed with special waterproof coating to avoid contacts with air, and thus the XiCA Heating Film is a future-oriented heating material for wall, ceiling, and floor to be semi-permanently used.
The performance of heating film is dependent on the nano-particle dispersion technology made by cohesion and resistance of silver particles.



  • Economical Heating by XiCA
  • Healthy Heating by XiCA
  • XiCA, Easy to Install
  • Safe Heating XiCA Heating Film
  • Quite and Clean Heating Film
  • Semi-permanent Heating Film
Uses for the XiCA heating film :
The XiCA heating film can be customized to meet your needs regardless of the size, shape or location of your floor space.
For example, our Heating film can be used in the following spaces, as detailed in the following images :

• Hotels, schoolrooms, and dormitories : – Our underfloor heating film is ideal in these spaces
as all rooms can be controlled via one central thermostat.

• Offices and buildings – Improved air quality resulting from our under floor system means happier
and more productive employees. It also makes space for other vital office equipment and

• Restaurants – Infloor heating systems have been proven to improve air quality, reduce moisture
levels and limit the spread of bacteria, helping your restaurant meet health and safety

• Bungalows – For housing where there is no gas line connection, an electric heating film
represents a viable alternative.

• Kindergarten Schools – Give your kids a healthy and safe environment to play in! Our floor
heating system avoids risks such as heat burns and tripping accidents. It also saves space
giving them more room for their activities.

• Hospitals – Our electric Heating film provides better air quality than conventional systems. It has
also been scientifically proven to help reduce dust mites and the development of viruses and

• Steel Containers – As long as there is an electricity supply, our heating Heating film can be
installed in any steel or shipping containers.

• Balconies – As it is light and takes up very little space, our carbon Heating film can easily be
adapted to your balcony space without the risk of damaging its structural integrity.


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 173beon-gil Geomsan-ro (10848)


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    Ho Sup Kim
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    173beon-gil Geomsan-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do (10848)
RexVa has a goal to change heating system of the whole world into heating film and try to make our living warm by means of spreading Korean Ondol culture to the world. XiCA heating film made by spreading Carbon heating element on PET film. PET film is a insulation and fire retardant material to 120℃ manufactured by using safe materials. The success of mass production for new product PTC Heating film and export. PTC(Positive Temperature Coefficient) is a product controlling the temperature itself by heating environment of Carbon heating materials. When the temperature increases, the resistance value increases. Therefore, it can control the current and electricity and make the heating amount down for no overheating and power consumption down as a third generation heating film. However, the PTC heater prevents that High temperature may rise depending on the nature of the particular part of the environment. XiCA Heating Film is outstanding for shock, waterproof, and dustproof. Using Pet Film of insulation and fire retardant lead to the safe product and the excellent durability to 120℃. PTC Heating is able to meet another consumer’ s need. XiCA Heating Film has been loved for the floor heating and you can check its application as follows. If you want warm and comfort heating in your life, Please select XiCA Heating Film. RexVa will make your living warm and even melt your heart.
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    heating Film
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    5~6 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people



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