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Medical Solution

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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    2.5ml * 10ea / set
  • Function
    Targeted treatment solution to skin concerns
  • Package Includes
    MS1: EGF, MS2: Cysteine, MS3: Placenta, MS4: Onion Vk, MS5: Peptides, MS6: Vitamins
MS for Dermis
Medical Solution
As a dermatological ampoule formulated by mixing less than 500kDa into pharmaceutical grade of Ultrapure Distilled Water* and Oligo HA* for moisturizing, it has the excellent effect on skin improvement and safety.
BASE WATER : Ultrapure Distilled Water
NMF(natural moisturizing factor) : Oligo HA
High potency formulas to improve skin health through cell activation.
The best adapted solution to specific skin concerns.
The exclusive Bio-peptone® probiotic technology.
A highly concentrated formula with patented ingredients and functional ingredients.
Safety strength – 7 toxic Ingredients to avoid.
Skin permeation enhancement by multilayer liposome technology
- Hydro Anti-Linex
A powerful anti-aging solution
For aging skin (wrinkles, firmness, lifting)
Highly enriched with 5 growth factor complex  including stemcell growth factor, Adenosine, collagen,  hyaluronic acid and growth hormone. It acts deep down and accelerates skin cell turnover to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness
MS2: Cysteine
- Intensive Brightenex
An advanced anti-darkness solution
For pigmented skin, black spots
Highly enriched with cysteine, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, collagen and super antioxidants including glutachion and SOD. It improves the appearance of discoloration, even visibly skin tone and maintains long lasting skin uniformity and radiance
MS3: Placenta
- De-Aging Duplex
A cell activation and repair solution
For pores and stretch marks
Highly enriched with placental growth factor, genistein, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and copper tripeptide including horse* placenta protein. It intensely reconstitutes superior layers of the epidermis to help reduce stretch marks and minimize enlarted pores.
MS4: Onion Vk
- Red Skin Control
A potent anti-redness solution
For red and sensitive skin
Formulated with a patented Bio-cepabexTM, glucosamine, amino acid, and asiaticoside including vitamin K. It instantly calms skin redness and heat damage after laser treatment and UV exposure, as well as enhances skin’s natural self-defenses.
MS5: Peptides
- Dry Skin Control
An ultimate anti-dryness solution
For very dry and sensitive skin
Formulated with a combination of hydration, regeneration and antibacterial peptides including AQP-1(Aquaporin 1) and snail secretion. It intensively soothes dryness and enhances skin’s immunity while infusing and retaining water in the skin.
MS6: Vitamins
- Oily Skin Control
A powerful anti-trouble solution
For oily trouble skin
Highly concentrated with stable and effective 6 vintamin complex, algin, zinc, salicylic acid, teatree and asiaticoside. It fights the production of excess oil and balances the pH of the skin and also helps reduce dead cell and
blemishes, as well as prevent future breakouts.


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  • Name : Eunhye Kim
  • Tel : 82-028681921
  • Email : ejkim@janytree.com


Shipping from : Afghanistan
  • Geumcheon-gu (08588)
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    Jany Kim
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    Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (08588)
Founded in 2008, JANYTREE is a skin science research center and a derma cosmetic company that manufactures high-quality skincare and haircare products. Our highly functional products, developed on the basis of innovative skin cell science, works effectively to meet a variety of skin problems, improving skin health. We comply with the ISO22716 global standards and manufacture skin care products under thorough innovative R&D technology and quality control. INTOMEDI® Brand INTOMEDI® is a core brand of Janytree Inc., and provides the products suitable for the skincare goal of each professionals and consumers. No. 1 Derma Cosmetics Jenny Tree is a company specializing in derma cosmetics that researches, develops and manufactures high-efficiency, high-quality skin care and hair care products safely and directly. Based on the company's exclusive skin cell activation technology, we provide cosmetic products that have proven safety through various clinical and skin tests at home and abroad to domestic and overseas skin experts and consumers. 1. Company Name: Janytree Inc. 2. Core business: Skincare Derma Cosmetics R & D, manufacturing and manufacturing 3. Main Brand: Into Medi INTOMEDI 4. Major Certifications: -Corporate Dermatology Research Institute -ISO22716 (International Cosmetic GMP Standard), -ISO9001 (Quality management)
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    Skincare treatment products
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    11~50 people


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