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SmartDesigner Fashion and Textile CAD software

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    L/C(sight) , T/T
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    100 Set
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    500 Set per Month
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    Asia, Europe, Americas
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  • Brand
    Model SmartDesigner
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Apparel Design Services


SmartDesigner™, is a leading software in garment and textile industry. It is developed to reduce unnecessary cost, enhance the product quality and simplify the work process for all the designers in fashion and textile industry. Currently, many leading apparel companies in Korea such as affiliates of Samsung fashion are making use of our software to design their products. 
SmartDesigner™ is an All-In-One fashion and textile design cad software with different functions such as: Knit design mode, Weave design mode, 3D Draping mode, Colorway function, Color combo function and vector mode for flat designing, to satisfy the needs of designers in garment and textile industry.
It is one of the world's first fashion & textile design software developed as an ASP(Application Service Provider)model. Therefore, anyone can use SmartDesigner™ anytime and anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. ID and PW are available upon purchasing the license. 

SmartDesigner™ is also offered in ‘rental basis’. Users can adjust the number of rental licenses by increasing them during the busy season and cutting them down when the busy season is over so there is no burden of an initial investment.
[Vecto Mode for Faster Fashion Designing]
Extensive schematic sketch library with varieties of style and designs that can easily be customized. SmartDesigner includes a built in basic schematic library. Due to this library, designers do not have to start from scratch and they can modify from the basic design, increasing efficeincy is key. In addition, the schematic library is compatible with other programs so that if you have files from another program, you may bring them to work with SmartDesigner.

[Simple Pattern Designing-Print Design]
SmartDesinger can quickly and easily find a pattern from an existing prints and replicate it in seconds. This process is very tediou in any other programs but designers can quickly and easily do this job with SmartDesigner. 

[Realistic Yarn Simulation - Knit Design, Weave Design]
SmartDesigner Weave mode features yarn-dying, brushed effect, twill, thread density, thread organization, thread diameter, and this mode allows users to freely modify their design. In the Weave mode, you cna customize each yarn to your taste and even create melange colors. When designing in weave mode, checked patterns can be created in seconds. 

[Simpler Color Variation - Color Mask and Color Combo]
SmartDesigner has a unique feature called color mask. Color mask uses color correction in a photo and masks the combination of specific colors. A designer, in a short time, can easily alter the colors on any photo. Color mask feature maintains the shading and the texture of the original image, while preserving the fiber. Only the selected color will be changed. This creates unlimited sample images with no extra cost to the designer. 

Select an existing design, create a design or even select a template and create thousands of color combinations in just seconds. From any photo images, 3D draping, schematic view, knit, weave, etc. In SmartDesigner, you can designate the colors you like and create new combinations of color patterns. Simply choose however many colors to get tnes of thousands of image from the original sample.

[Life like 3D Draping, 3D Drape]
SmartDesigner features 3D Drape mode, it creates the most natural, true-to-life product by draping your own design. This feature allows the design to fit the body naturally, as if the model is actually wearing it. It takes into account, the wrinkles and the angle of the model. In just a few clicks, you cna achieve the maximum draping efect which will change the future of design. By using the 3D drape mode, you will be able to prevew your patterns and designs without having to pay for any additional samples.


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  • Name : Hyeongyeong Kim
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 1002, 511, Seoul, Gangnam-gu (06164)
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Modern HighTech Co., Ltd.

Modern HighTech Co., Ltd.

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Modern Hitek Co., Ltd. has accumulated the highest technology and empirical knowhow in various fields such as an optic design technology, engineering design optimization service, power transmission and electrical design, textile and fashion design program (CAD), online solution service and etc by putting a lot of time and efforts into information knowledge technology sector according to the stream of times. Always giving a priority to clients and companies, we have promoted technology development in cooperation with our partners the inside and outside of Korea to introduce advanced technology and develop new technology on the principle that the technology is the basis. In addition, we strive to do our best as a "technological information messenger" through engineering, design and consulting service in various sectors such as optic design, engineering service, electricity and electrical design, system analysis and engineering service, textile and fashion design artwork service and etc.
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    4~5 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people


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