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Smart VMS Lift Light Bar

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    L/C(sight) , T/T
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    50 ea
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    300 ea per Month
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    Asia, Americas, Europe
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  • Brand
    Model SVLL
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    100*150 (cm)


This product raises the lift to deliver real-time information and signals to distant drivers quickly.
1. Operate all systems by simply touching the LCD screen inside the vehicle.
2. VMS blocking prevention even when the vehicle trunk is open.
3. VMS development, signboard development with a rising oblique warning light.
4. Directional sound wave transmitter (DLRAD) can convert characters to voice and send them out.
5. Adjustable brightness and speed control (3 levels) of warning light and signboard.
6. Directional sound wave transmitter enables high-powered sounds to be transmitted to the target in a specific area.

roduct composition (warning light, sign board, electric signboard, search)

1. CAGO CARRIER - Cago Carrier Body Frame

1) Apply the bottom line and SST body x-frame closely to the roof so that it can be perfectly fixed to the vehicle roof
2) Aerodynamic design that optimizes air resistance, wind noise, and vibration with sleek streamlined design

2. Warning light

1) 3D type with excellent visibility Ultra-high brightness LED provides the best brightness in any situation.
2) From the system development, the sound system designed in a customized way for the directional sound wave transmitter, the 200W speaker vibrates the best sound source (siren + voice) all over the back and the front.
3) LED brightness control according to day and night conditions, and operation speed selection function (3 steps) optimized for the field situation.
4) 32M Rear Max. Providing a 38dB output.

3. Signboard

1) Lightweight and durable 6N01 aluminum housing adopted
2) Maximization of visibility by adopting ultra high brightness YELLOW LED
3) LED brightness control according to day and night conditions and operation speed selection function optimized for the situation (3 steps)
4) Excellent performance due to low power consumption
5) Brightness: 1 LED module - Lowest 1210 Highest 1500cd

4. Display board

1) Maximize visibility by improving contrast ratio under strong sunlight
2) Application of cutting-edge equipment technology Minimizes brightness and color difference between LED devices
3) LED brightness control according to day and night conditions and operation speed selection function optimized for the situation (3 steps)
4) Apply lift to VMS when vehicle trunk is open to provide maximum visibility to rear vehicle

5. Digital Amplifier

1) High efficiency circuit type 2 channel digital power amplifier configuration
2) RMS (Rated output) 125W X 2ch / 4 ohm
3) Internal self cooling system Semiconductor and high precision specification system
4) Built-in 7 band equalizer and vacuum board

6. Direct standing sonic transmitter

1) A clear broadcast message to the driver or target of the vehicle
2) Suitable for high noise and high speed
3) Speaker: 300W

7. Search

1) POWER LED 27W / DC12V / 2500LM
2) The angle of spread of light is 30 degrees. The effect of concentrating the light where you want it and the powerful force for the best work Brightness performance
3) IP67 rated waterproof even for powerful high pressure washing
4) It adopts high strength aluminum housing and it is very strong to the impact, and excellent heat dissipation structure easily emits LED heat.

8. Integrated Conduit System

1) Inside the vehicle By inserting a display in the center of the vehicle, the driver can see at a glance all of the system's opponents.
2) Color TFT LCD touch screen with excellent design and automatic light sensor
3) Integrated control of all systems


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  • Letter of Credit : L/C(sight)
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  • Name : Ted Lim
  • Tel : 82-324724858
  • Email : goodmdb@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 13-1,Seongni-ro ,Namdong-gu, Incheon,, Korea (21577)
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    13-1,Seongni-ro ,Namdong-gu, Incheon,, Korea (21577)
Established in 2009, PMTC is a professional sound company that exports long-range sound wave transmitters ranging from general speakers to loudspeakers. Directional sound wave transmitters are supplied to road construction for traffic control. By promoting our case studies of use to overseas markets, we are now seeing positive results in the Southeast Asian market. In addition, we have launched various traffic control devices including traffic signs, automatic laser speedometers, lift search lights used in tunnel construction, and smart warning lights for traffic patrol cars, as well as directional sound wave transmitters, which is our flagship product. As a professional traffic control company, we are actively promoting our products to overseas markets.
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    road construction for traffic control, Smart Lift Light-bar for vehicle
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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    Less than 5


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  • Lift police led light bar and directional arrow light with siren
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  • LED laser speed limit(SR400)