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Heating Film

  • Payment
    O/A , OT , WK , WU
  • MOQ
    4,500 meter (m)
  • Supply Ability
    300,000 meter (m) per One-Time
  • Supply Details
  • Country of sale
    World Wide, Europe, Americas, Middle East, Asia
    • FOB

      USD 2.00 ~ 3.10

      (4,500 meter (m))


  • Brand
    Model XM305, XM308, XM310,XT305, XT308, XT310,XM305H
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Depends on model
  • Weight
    Depends on model
  • Color
    Yellow, Green, Red,Milky,Transparent
  • Function
    Under floor Warmming System all rooms can be controlled by one central thermostat.
  • Features
    Healthy, Economical, Safe, Quiet and clean, Semi-permanent, Easy to install



Proud to be the world’s best!
This is the business philosophy of RexVa.


RexVa continuously invests in research to maintain its product quality so that consumers can safely use their products. RexVa also provides the largest number of test records in the local heating film industry, providing the most convenient products for sellers and consumers. The company has established a corporate vision to develop a useful heating culture rather than pursuing a status as a creative and innovative company and intends on becoming a strong company through technology development and customer satisfaction. To this end, all the directors and employees of RexVa do their best.

Overview of the heating film

The XiCA heating film is comprised of a carbon-heating element applied to the Base Film with an insulator and fire retardant, with the activated carbon or pollutant absorber covered. It is the cutting-edge far IR surface phase heating element laminated with PET film after the electrode is manufactured with thin copper. Unlike other heaters, the carbon-heating element applied to the entire film emits far IR radiation, creating warmth like the sun. The film heater is equipped with special PET fabric as the external material, specially treated to prevent contact between the heat and the wall, ceiling and floor heating materials, with semi-permanent life. The performance of the heating film is enhanced by nano-particle technology through the adhesion and resistance of carbon and silver particles.
Effect of the XiCA heating film
  1. Radiation heating by far IR
    - Rapid heating
    - Warmth with no indoor temperature differences due to far IR
    - Fresh heating at relatively low temperatures compared to convection heating
  2. Easy installation and operatio
    - Easy installation compared to working with wet mortar
    - Installing between the floor finish and heat insulator completes installation
      [* Requires course on heating film installation prior to installation]
  3. Excellent durability
    - Semi-permanent use
    - Simple structure and fewer malfunctions
  4. Heating with no combustion
    - Heating with no flame, carbon monoxide, dust and combustion noise
    - Good for facilities for children, seniors and patients
       (Kindergarten, daycare center, senior center, hospital)
  5. Silent and clean heating
    - Emits large amount of far IR and negative ions by heating carbon
    - Far infrared / negative ions remove indoor odors,
      are very good for the human body, and freshen indoor air
  6. Excellent cost-effective heating
    - Lower than electric heat and oil boiler by 30% and 60%, respectively
    - Saves costs by reducing the time needed for installation
    - Partial heating and energy-saving
    - Introduces automatic control (central heating)
Specification of Xica Heating Film
MODEL Area Thickness Package Weight Consumption power Service temperature
(Cm) (mm) (m/Box) (Kg) (w/m) (w/sqrm) (℃)
XT305 50 0.338 150 37 110 220 40~50
XT308 80 100 40 180
XT310 100 100 48 220
XM305-N 50 0.338 150 37 110 220 40~50
XM308-N 80 100 40 190 230
XM310-N 100 100 48 230 230
XM305 H 50 0.338 150 37 200 400 60~70
XM305-Ultra 50 0.338 150 37 110 220 40~50
XM308-Ultra 80 100 40 190 230
XM310-Ultra 100 100 48 230 230
XT305-Ultra 50 0.338 150 37 110 220 40~50
XT308-Ultra 80 100 40 190 230
XT310-Ultra 100 100 48 230 230
PTC305 50 0.338 150 37 110 220 40~50
PTC308 80 100 40 190 230
PTC310 100 100 48 230 230
XA305-PTC 50 0.5 100 32 120 240 50~55
XA310-PTC 100 50 32 240
1) Available to meet order production with individual specification after considering safety of heating film.
2) Available to produce tin-plated booth bar to improve conductivity and to prevent oxidation.

Carbon black as a component of the XiCA heating film [Carbon black]

Carbon black is a material mainly composed of carbon (C), similar to diamond, and is used in automobiles, inks and cosmetics.
Carbon fiber is produced at 1400 - 3,000°C while graphite fiber is produced at temperatures higher than 2,500°C. Graphite has a very high heat resistance and very small heat expansion coefficient compared to other materials, imbuing it with excellent heat conduction and electrical conductivity. Graphite is therefore a widely used material for electrical heating elements.
* The adhesiveness and resistance of the product may be varied depending on the mixture
  of carbon and graphite, which serves as the heating part of the film. (This utilizes the circular
  molecular structure of carbon and the plate structure of the graphite)
Silver Paste
-Silver paste, the conductive material in the XiCA heating film, is a low-temperature conductive paste used in the surface phase heating element. It provides high conductivity and excellent screen printing, flexibility and adhesiveness of the PET and Laminex.
Measurement value
1st 2nd time 3rd time
0.1Ω/0.5cm 0.1Ω/0.5cm 0.1Ω/0.5cm

Insulating Film Material of Xica Heating Film
Section Major
Break Down
UL Flame
Color Price
for graphic printing plates,
no measurement null transparent cheap
for display for display
spreading plate
no measurement null transparent cheap
for electricity/
for wire cover,
for insulation,
for fire retardant
VTM-2 adding insulation
chip milky
* Be sure to use material for electricity and electronics for the material for film heating.

Durability Test of Heating Film
  • Experimental Institute : US AIC TECHNICA
  • Experimental Period : April 25~May 22, 2009.
  • Experimenter : Dr.Martin Peacoak (Director of Biotechnology and Materials Science)
    Test 1. Conduct of Durability Test for Overvoltage and Over Heating
    Durability test conducted by supplying voltage of 480v (exceeding designed power consumption by 23 times)to XICA Heating Film designed for 110V AC for about 30 minutes.
XICA 205e model (designed power consumption 400W/m2 ) Used film heater for high temperature to generate high heat.
after 10 minutes(film surface temperature 148.9°C, The film begins transformation and generates bubbles.)

after 17 minutes (film surface temperature 165.5°C, wrinkles on the film surface occur and spread out.)

after 23minutes (film surface temperature 171.1°C, The film starts to shrink.)

* XICA Heating Film has passed the durability test for sales in U.S. market by enduring the voltage of 480V (exceeding designed power consumption by 23 times) for 30 minutes and demonstrating heat-resisting force of about 170°C in above experiment.
Test 2. Test for Estimating Product Life Span
Check surface cracks of carbon heating element after testing repeatedly the following experiment for 24hours :
  • Operate XICA Heating Film for 20minutes,
  • Keep its film surface temperature at 40.5°C,
  • Lower its film surface temperature to 0°C through the power block and rapid cooling.
Comparison Table by Construction Heating Method
Section Boiler Far-infrared film heating Remarks
Construction method wet possible dry possible freely
boiler room necessary unnecessary more space required
heat pipe external exposure none clean
construction thickness 110~220mm 10mm more or less floor height increased by about 10cm.
construction period 4~5days 1day construction period shortening
load/3.3m2 about 240Kg 2Kg load reduction 238kg/3.3m2
Heating method heating fuel fossil fuel electricity not producing combustion, dust. gas.
heating method conduction/convection radiant heat  
heating speed 30~60 minutes 4~10minutes  
far-infrared ray none occur over 90%  
Maintenance and Repair maintenance continually required not required convenient
A/S often required almost none safe construction
winter damage occur none  
floor repair major repair
(concrete dissembling required)
easy simple
cost high (100%) low(64%)  
remodeling plenty of restriction easy  
durability 10 years more or less semi-permanent  
How to Choose a High Quality Heating Film
Heating film
Required functionality Check point
(P.E.T. Film)
thermal shrinkage when heating check the width difference between base film and laminex film.
structure to prevent moisture penetration check reflection on structure to prevent moisture penetration when designing film.
adhesive property when exfoliating check adhesive strength after exfoliating film.
surface scratch watch film surface and check film scratch to confirm insulation maintenance.
insulation condition check if film for insulation/flame-retardant is used.
translucent film : for insulation and flame-retardant
transparent film : for normal display
hardening check if film surface is uneven.
Copper Foil Booth Bar copper foil width foil is, The more current is allowed when applying electric current.
copper foil thickness the thinner copper foil is, the less spark occurs to avoid widening gap between copper foil and film.
type of copper foil Electric conductivity : tough pitch copper (pure copper) : 106%
Phosphorus-deoxidized copper : 86%
Dopping even carbon surface Check surface with more than 10 times magnifying glass.
spark-resistant design When suffering overload on carbon printing surface, check if design reflects structure to prevent sparks.
silver surface When measuring electrical resistance of silver surface to prevent sparks, the lower resistance, the safer. (Ideal below 1-ohm)
Precaution of Installation
  1. Clean the floor of the construction site before installing. Even the floor in order to prevent the heating film from bending or curving.
  2. Eliminate construction site's all moisture and dampness in order to prevent them from touching the film.
  3. Do not use glass fiber or heat insulator with ragged surface to prevent the damage on film's surface.
  4. Be careful neither to damage the surface of film nor step on it when installing them.
  5. For finish material, do not use paints that changes color or makes cracks when heated, coloring agents or hardening adhesives.
  6. Consult with specialist or construction contractor when installing heat insulator or finishing materials in order to maximize the heating efficiency.
  7. When cutting the film, make sure that length of the film do not exceed specified capacity of power consumption(Watt) and thermostat.
    * Formula : Watt = V2R (V=Voltage, R=Resistance)
  8. Consult with construction specialist or construction contractor for each construction site when installing other kinds of films.
  9. Please add 20% to the minimum expected heat rate when installing after considering various external environments, uses, and other environmental condition
Certificates Acquired By RexVa
Type of Certificate Certificate No. Acquisition Date Remarks
Korean Patent Registration 10-0882702 2009-02-02 Carbon paste printing device and its printing method
Korean Patent Registration 10-0889195 2009-03-09 Carbon paste composite for the face-shape heating element added with self-switch function
Korean Utility Model Registration 20-0443373 2009-02-02 Defrost Heaters for Unit Cooler
Trade make registration 40-0745080 2008-04-29 Registered the Trademark "RexVa"
Trade make registration 40-0745081 2008-04-29 Registered the Trademark "XICA"
UL/CUL 20080807-E317480 2008-08-25 USA/Canada Electrical Safety Certification
CE CE-K-O421-O6 2006-04-21 European Electrical Safety Certification
NRTL CU 72070395 01 2007-02-22 North American Electrical Safety Certification
GOST POCC KR.BZ03.BO4115 2007-10-12 Russian Electrical Safety Certification
UKRAINE STANDARD UA 1.003.0020789-09 2009-04-13 Ukraine Electrical Safety Certification
RoHS     The EU Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical & Electronic Equipment
Ukraine Safety Certification of Sanitary & Epidemiology 05.03-02-03/20766 2008-04-10 Ukraine Hygiene and Clinical Pathology Safety Certification
ISO 9001:2000 09-Q-1012-00 2006-05-29  
ISO 14001:2004 09-E-0409-00 2008-05-06  
Certificate of INNO-BIZ 9061-1632 2008-08-06  
Certificate of Venture Business 20090201830 2009-04-27  
Certificate of Export Promising Small & Medium Business 09 Gyeonggi-50 2009-06-01  
Gyeonggi Internet Trade Frontier Company 2009-52 2009-04-01  
Product Liability Insurance 111120090001331-000 2009-05-10  
KEL (CE Electromagnetic Testing) KEL06-C03075 2006-04-04  
Far Infrared Test Report KFI-386 2007-05-21  
Negative Ion Test Report KFI-253 2007-05-21  
Gyeonggi Promising Small & Medium Business 2009-211    
Certificate of Clean Business Plac 54,507 2009-08-17


Applications of the XiCA heating film
[Hotel, condominium, institute, dormitory, motel] The heating is controlled by the main controller. An additional boiler room is not needed. Creates wider and fresher space, saves a lot of heating costs for heating only the desired area 
[Officetel, building, office] Forms warm and fresh indoor environment with no additional equipment, space or demanding fuel supply process.
[Restaurant] The product provides a different feeling compared to fan heaters. Its distinctive feature, far IR heating, increases sales and saves heating costs by heating only the desired area. 
[Pension, country house, bungalow, natural forest] It is the best heating alternative with no urban gas supply. It is lightweight and easily portable, is effective without worry of malfunctions and provides fresh and healthy environment to visitors.
[Kindergarten, daycare center] The floor heating creates a warm environment for children and is the best heating system for the health of children due to fresh air and infrared heating, unlike fan blowers.
[Hospital, oriental clinic, postnatal care center] The product emits far IR, which is good for patients. It uses only clean energy and electricity, and creates a fresh indoor environment at low cost.
[Church, Catholic Church, Buddhist shrine, training center, praying center] The product creates a different feeling. The far IR effect is different from fan heaters for the visitor.
[Container, steel house] The product can be installed everywhere with electricity, as it is lightweight and easy to move.




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RexVa has a goal to change heating system of the whole world into heating film and try to make our living warm by means of spreading Korean Ondol culture to the world. XiCA heating film made by spreading Carbon heating element on PET film. PET film is a insulation and fire retardant material to 120℃ manufactured by using safe materials. The success of mass production for new product PTC Heating film and export. PTC(Positive Temperature Coefficient) is a product controlling the temperature itself by heating environment of Carbon heating materials. When the temperature increases, the resistance value increases. Therefore, it can control the current and electricity and make the heating amount down for no overheating and power consumption down as a third generation heating film. However, the PTC heater prevents that High temperature may rise depending on the nature of the particular part of the environment. XiCA Heating Film is outstanding for shock, waterproof, and dustproof. Using Pet Film of insulation and fire retardant lead to the safe product and the excellent durability to 120℃. PTC Heating is able to meet another consumer’ s need. XiCA Heating Film has been loved for the floor heating and you can check its application as follows. If you want warm and comfort heating in your life, Please select XiCA Heating Film. RexVa will make your living warm and even melt your heart.
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    heating Film(Underfloor warmming)
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    6~7 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people



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