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Alfa aqulift

Sterile Polydioxanone Suture with Needle (PDO) and Poly-L-Lactic Acid Suture with Needle (PLLA)

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    Alfa aqulift
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    Republic of Korea
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[Product Description]

This device is intended for inserting the polydioxanone(PDO) suture into the human skin by needle.
Face lifting and body lifting with PDO with needle is an effective method for prevention of age-related skin changes and sagging of soft tissues.
This lifting method gives excellent aesthetic results without traditional surgery.
By this simple therapy, our body will produce collagen and lift a skin.
It is not only lifting a skin but also including foreign body reaction so that it improves the blood circulation for elastic skin and eliminate wrinkles naturally.

By inserted suture thread into the area required to surgical, it causes an artificial wound, and it induce healing effect for improving and creating treatment of the skin.
upper and lower contraction which is between skin and muscle, or skeletons, causes lifting effect in that loosed skin change be tight. When it located in solid tissue; near bones or ligament, the fixed tissue has stronger adhesion effect to the skin.

PDO suture: Mono, Single Screw, Double Screw, Twin, Cog Screw, Cog Pro series, Master gear.
PLLA suture: Mono, Single screw, Double screw and Cog pro III.

[Product Specification]

Indian band & tear trough
Lower eye lid
Anterior cheek
Pre-jowl sulcus
Wide nasal base

How to apply
Insert the needle
Twist 2~3times
Remove needle
Cut off the stump


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  • Name : Jeonghun Woo
  • Tel : 82-0226488309
  • Email : eddy@alfamedical.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 349-5, Seoul,, Seocho-gu (06643)
Alfa Medical

Alfa Medical

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    Myeng Ho Lee
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    349-5, Seoul,, Seocho-gu (06643)
We are a trading company that is specialized in the export of beauty products for dermatology and plastic surgeons. Our main product is ‘Polydioxanone suture with needle’ and sales volume has been continuously increasing. Other related products are Mesotherapy needle and Cannula for Filler. We have acquired ISO 13485 and CE certificate in order to secure quality competitiveness in the international market and we are currently working on GMP. We use our own brand for all exporting goods and promote brand marketing, thereby contributing to the increase in sales by increasing awareness. HA Filler, Hospital Cosmetics, and Multi-Needle will be branded as new products starting from 2017 and will be introduced to overseas market from second half. Currently, we are exporting to some European countries (England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Poland), the Middle East, Iran, Russia and some Asian countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, China, and Taiwan), and some South American countries (Mexico, Dominica, and Colombia). We are registering our product in some South American countries and Middle Eastern countries. Moreover, we have actively participated in overseas exhibitions and hold overseas seminar over ten years to secure export customers, manage existing accounts, and promote our new products.
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    4~5 billion (KRW)
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    Less than 5


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