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CRE8SKIN Salmon Oil Cream Facial Moisturizing Cream Brightening Anti Wrinkle 80g/2.82fl.oz

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    Asia, Americas, Europe
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    Model CRE8SKIN-A001
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    Republic of Korea
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    Product Dimensions : W3.74*H3.74*D4.13 inches / Weight : 0.17lbs


The power to reverse the traces of age, salmon oil cream, whitening anti wrinkle functional cosmetics, healthy skin with vitality is the dream of all women. Salmon oil cream promises you healthy skin.
It provides dual anti-aging effect, stimulates cell energy, promotes collagen synthesis, improves skin texture and skin tone uniformity, and makes skin more meticulous. At the same time, it contains SPF15 filter system and Moringa Oleifera which can protect skin against environmental pollution. It keeps skin from direct damage to light.
Salmon named as the top 10 healthy food of Shengqiu!
Salmon contains a lot of healthy omega fatty acids, which are good for human health and skin, and help to prevent chloasma, freckles and dark circles. Cre8skin salmon oil cream is made from fish oil extracted from salmon, which can improve skin and make skin healthy.
Salmon oil cream, which can tightly lock moisture and nutrition, is rich in salmon oil, and its skin is healthy and moist.
Contains 5000ppm salmon oil, only the use of the skin beneficial components of gold deployment of salmon oil cream contains natural health.
Salmon oil 5000ppm
Omega-3-fatty acids with vitamins A, B and skin barrier, and vitamin E with hexaoxygenation,
Protect the skin, make the skin moist and transparent.
Salmon seed extract
Vitamin E, which provides nutrition for skin and contains excellent hyperoxia, can enhance skin softness and make skin soft and tender.
Kelp extract
Optimize the moisturizing state of cutin, form a smooth and elastic transparent film on the skin surface, make the skin soft and smooth。
Caviar extract
It contains protein with good affinity to skin and amino acids which play an important role in metabolism and moisturizing of skin to supplement skin nutrition
Make the skin tender and moist.
Cre8skin salmon oil cream is recommended for the following groups:Improve wrinkles
skin whitening
Dry skin,
The skin is rough and inelastic,
People who need to supplement nutrition don't wear makeup and are easy to make up
People who want to improve their dark complexion
Crorckin e fish oil cream approved by many organizations
Cre8skin salmon oil cream approved by many organizations, please use approved functional cosmetics!
Hit500 Product Selection Certificate
2016 hiseoul excellent commodity creative brand award certificate
Favorite Cre8skin salmon oil cream in Tsuen Wan
International cream for exporting to China, the United States, Europe, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Hongkong, Taiwan, Australia and other overseas countries.
Cre8skin salmon oil cream real experience
It is very moisturizing and replenishes moisture and nutrition for dry skin,
Make skin smooth and delicate
It is moisturized but not greasy, so it is also suitable for use in dry weather. It can be used all the year round
Although the surface_ There's no big difference, but you can feel the inner moisture is quite sufficient.
There's no skin strain at all. The rough skin becomes very soft.
Salmon oil cream evenly penetrates into the fine lines between the skin, and the skin with many wrinkles has become more compact. The dry skin surface also becomes smoother.
Salmon, you are delicious, good for your health and good for your skin?
Is it too kind?
At home and abroad, a variety of SNS word-of-mouth three angle oil cream -!
Business files and unique design grab people's eyes
Design of salmon oil cream based on canned salmon
Boxes can be stacked and used as
Jewelry box and chemical cotton box, etc!
It's easy~
In general, dry skin is suitable for using cream and moisturizing lotion. Oily and mixed skin is suitable for refreshing lotion and oil-free cream. Dry season, such as autumn and winter season, is suitable for the use of thick texture cream, while hot season, such as spring and summer, suitable for use of refreshing texture emulsion.
Generally speaking, I think the cream is mainly suitable for dry skin MM, because the DD of frost is generally moist, so if the skin is short of water, this effect should be more obvious, while the emulsion is mainly used for mixing or oil skin MM. Of course, it's just a general statement. Oil skin MM can choose the cream of condensation, while dry skin MM can also choose moisturizing lotion.
Partial dry people in the dry season, of course, recommend the use of face cream, replenishment effect will be better, and more durable, summer can choose a more clear thin emulsion, refreshing water, no burden; oily skin tends to have beans trouble, so it is not easy to choose thick cream, in the dry winter with some moisturizing effect of good emulsion, summer need to choose with oil control properties of the emulsion. 。
Lotion is usually light and refreshing, suitable for summer, day and neutral, mixed and oily skin. The texture of the cream is generally rich and moisturizing. It is suitable for winter, dry, neutral skin and evening use. Of course, some of the cream is very refreshing, suitable for all skin types, but very special, usually as mentioned above. So we should choose according to the season and skin type. If it is neutral, oily or mixed (most people) skin, the emulsion may be more suitable for you than cream, but if it is dry skin, or cream is more moist.
Generally speaking, the cream and lotion will be divided into moist and refreshing type according to different skin types. But in general, people with oily skin should choose the refreshing lotion, while the dry skin should choose moisturizing type. In the different seasons, we should choose different cream and lotion. In winter and spring, it is more dry. We should choose some moisturizing products while the summer is wetter. Refreshing cream and lotion. In addition, we should also consider the environment where users often live. For example, people who often use the air conditioning heating environment and computer before using the face cream and lotion that are relatively moist and can keep moisturizing, while people who are often in outdoor activities should pay attention to sunscreen besides keeping the moisture in mind.
In the northern spring and autumn, it is windy and dry. No matter what kind of skin, you should pay attention to moisturizing and hydrating. Oil control can be considered in hot summer. Dry skin can choose cream skin care products, oily skin to choose emulsion, mixed according to their own conditions.
Use of fish oil cream:
In the last step of basic skin care,
Apply proper amount to the whole face,
Tap gently until absorbed.
The best choice to restore skin vitality
Salmon Oil Cream
Rejuvenate the skin without elasticity
Now use the words of creskdn salmon oil painting to experience the magical effect of smoothing the lines from the inside out.


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Story of CRE8SKIN Nature is most beautiful when it is as it is. Similarly, since we also are part of nature, we, people, are most beautiful when we are in nature. As we are far away from nature in theses days, spending busy days in various harmful environments, however, our skin is losing its true health and beauty. Cre8skin is making every efforts to develop and provide products made of ingredients with the freshness of nature so that exhausted skin could recover its vitality and health. Recreating skin in nature with the healthiness of natural ingredients! This is the target that Cre8skin wants and seeks. Cre8skin will be with you in order to find the solution of the healthy beauty that skin wants from nature, find the lost beauty, and fill your skin with full of brightness. Recreating the skin of nature through the healthiness of natural ingredients! This is the goal that Cre8skin wants and strives for. Cre8skin is doing its best to manufacture and develop products that will put a smile on the skin through ingredients that contain the freshness of nature in order to revert the exhausted skin into a state of health. The answer to the healthy beauty that the skin wants! Cre8skin will be with your skin to help your skin recover the lost beauty from nature and fill your skin with a vital glow.
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