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Grease Trap[M-43 (F)]

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    Asia, Europe, Middle East, World Wide
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  • Brand
    Model M-43(F)
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    400(L)*450(W)*415(H) mm
< Introduction >
Grease Trap is a device for filtering the grease produced in restaurants and kitchens. When the water polluted from processing food runs through the grease trap, the grease is separated from the water because of the difference in density between water and oil. 

This product serves the function of separating grease from water. It prevents the grease from running into the sewage and clogging the pipe by settling and solidifying in the pipes and also prevents any pipe damage and the water from flowing back. In addition, this product prevents costs occurring from possible pipe repair work and also protects the environment by preventing unprocessed polluted water from being released directly into the environment.

< Feature >

1. Air inlet installed separately on the cover allows water to flow with ease and provides the advantage of separating the water quickly.
2. Air inlet allows the user to control the air inflow depending on the environment.
3. Transparent window installed on the cover of the product allows the user to adjust the air influx according to the environment.
4. Locking lever on the rim of the cover allows for easy attachment and detachment and secure fixation with the lower body. 
5. Rubber ring for blocking odor installed inside the cover prevents the odor from leaking out from the cover. 
6. Filter in front of the outlet filters any residue such as food waste. 
7. Because its material is reinforced plastic (recycled car bumper), the product is strong against impact and damage. Unlike stainless products, it can be used semi-permanently without corrosion or rust.
< Specification and Components>