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TOX5 (精华液)

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    10,000 Set per Month
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    Asia, Americas, Middle East, Europe, Africa
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    Model 5ml*5Vial
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    5ml x5ea
The Pride of Manufacturing and developing the Cosmetics of Korea” GMS

TOX5 Special Treatment Solution​
1. Elasticity increase​ 
2. Removing wrinkle​ 
3. Fast effects​ 
4. Contour care
5. No pain​

TOX5 Strength and Effects​

The major product of GMS, TOX5 includes Acetyl hexapeptide is Amino-peptide,
which is also known as Botox-peptide.
This is called “Botox applied to the skin”. It is protein component of vegetable
amino acid which is excellent for removing wrinkle and skin tightening. It helps
reduce existing wrinkle and suppressing(reducing) newly formed wrinkle.
It is non-irritating and nontoxic component. And as a substitution of Botox, you
can expect fast absorption with safety and less side effect.
TOX5 provides moisturizing ability to keep skin moisturized and it strengthens
the barrier of skin firmly and makes it healthy skin. It is excellent for skin
regeneration and keeping skin moisturized.
You can apply TOX5 on where you want to, enhance skin tightening, reducing
pores and dark circles.
Complex hexa content is normally 100~200ppm(=1~5%) for skin care. But
TOX5 uses 10,000ppm, which is the maximum high content as long as skin
does not damange.
TOX5 is effective solution to enhance skin tightening, lifting and contouring. It is
special serum used as Mesjo therapie and intensive skin care.

How to Use​
※ TOX5 is easily and conveniently applicable serum. It also used for Meso therapie care and home care.

1. Please us this product after clean your face.
2. Please apply to vulnerable area such as eye rim, mouth, forehead, nose, neck. Dropping a drop to the area, gently spread, and lightly tab to absorb.
3. It is recommended to use dropper because absorption is very fast.
4. It is recommended to use per two days or 2~3 times a week.
5. After 15 days of application, approximately 17% of wrinkle will be removed.
6. After 30 days of application, approximately 27% of wrinkle will be removed.
7. Remained product is required to be sealed and kept refrigerate in 1~5 degrees Celsius.
8. Please keep it out of direct sunlight.
9. Please use in 3 month after open the vial.

The Main Injection Site​
You can apply TOX5 on directly where you want, to enhance skin tightening, reducing pores and darkcircles soon.

1. Worry lines
2. Wrinkles around the eyes.
3. Wrinkles in forehead
4. Nasolabial fold
5. Wrinkles on Neck
6. Pores on the nose

All Components​
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, P-Water, EDTA-2Na,
Sodium Hyaluronic Acid PD, Glycerin, 1,3-BG, Carnosine

※ Please stop using this product if the following side effects occur. If not, its symptom is worsened. Then please consult dermatologist about it.

1. If it is occurred red spots, itching, stimulation, and others.
2. If it is occurred side effects as above on the applied part by direct sunlight.
3. Please avoid to be applied it on the wounded part and the part of eczema and dermatitis.
4. Please clean it immediately if the product gets in your eyes.
5. Remained product is required to be sealed and kept refrigerate 5 in 1~5 degrees Celsius.
6. Please do not keep it in high or low temperature or in direct sunlight.
7. Keep it out of children’s reach.
8. Please be careful not to damage the container. It may cause risk of injury.
9. Please do not use it for other purposes other than its intented use.



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Since being established in July 2013, Hansungwon Corporation Ltd. has grown due to customers’ precious selection and usage of our products. We have developed from a simple individual business that engages in trade (Hansungwon Trading company) to a comprehensive incorporated company with diverse tasks, such as trade affairs, travel affairs, medical tour affairs and others. Our company is composed of four departments- a management department, a trade department, a travel department and a medical department – along with a Chinese corporate body “Yanbian Hanbu Trading company.”
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