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Moringa Essence Oil

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    100 ea
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    500 ea per Month
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    Asia, Americas, Europe
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    50 ml
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[Product Introduction] 

Feels like an ampoule without stickiness 3 second moisturizer real review. A 3-second reverse oily nutrition & moisturizing oil that works in the Himalayas and Africa.

Simple moisturizing NO, untreated + cold pressed Moringa oil contains nutrients. (3 second moisturizing, moisturizing after cleansing, Essence - Moringa nutrition, mild ampoule - vegetable oil, 50ml large capacity).
The skin texture is rough and the makeup is cakey.
Tight skin due to cleansing / air conditioning / heater.
Vegetable essential oils containing 99.5% moringa extract. Within 3 seconds after cleansing, moisture and nutrients are released on the skin.
(Anti-moisturizing) After skin cleansing, beneficial sebum and nutrition are removed together with skin wastes.
Use Moringa oil to contain nutrients and moisture! Only moisturizing oil NO.
Nutrients in Moringa oil (vitamins, calcium, protein, magnesium, amino acids, vitamin A, zinc)
We think about user's convenience.

Please use only as much as you need with a beautiful eyedropper! Compared with mineral oil extracted from petroleum.
Do you know that "mineral oil" is included in moisturizing products ranging from domestic famous brands to imported products?
Moringa oil is a nutrient + high moisture oil extracted from plants.
Moringa essence oil filled with nutrients that cold-presses the
seed, a miracle that keeps moisture and cleans itself in the Himalayan polar regions.
Let your skin moisturize and nourish your skin within 3 seconds after cleansing.
Moringa oil pudding makeup that is fresh and quick like essence.
Apply Moringa oil within 3 seconds after cleansing and mix with BB cream, foundation and oil. Within 3 seconds after cleansing, apply one drop to the skin and apply it thoroughly.

[Main Functions]

Why? Moringa Essence Oil.

Reconstructs collapsed moist layer after cleansing.
Miraculous moringa beyond simple moisturizing effect.
Jellylike skin like pudding.
Protect the moisture from dry air conditioning and heaters. NO artificial glow using pearls, real water light! Gentle moisturization without mixing products.
NO Petroleum Extract Purified oil , vegetable oil.
which purifies itself and retains moisture. Wherever you need moisturizing 10 in 1 Moringa oil. (Face Oil + Hair Oil + Maternity Oil + Foot Care + Toe nail Cuticle + Nail Cuticle + Hand Care + Elbow Moisturizer + Body Oil + Knee Moisturizer) (Oil is used as a component of moisturizing cosmetics to maintain moisture and it is recommended to use it with cosmetics that you usually use.

[Dimensions and Components]

50 ml, Moringa oil 99.5%.
Moringa goes well with the Oneface. Moringa expert Oneface.
CEO with 30 years of cosmetics experience made a reliable quality product, at a reasonable price!
Recommended for the following people.
Skin feels tight after cleansing.
Anyone whose skin is dry using other creams.
For those who need a lot of complex moisturizing.
If you need a lot of moisturizing.
Those looking for mild cosmetics.
Those who have rough skin.
Those who put on makeup with keratin.
If you want a natural lighting effect.
Those who do not want complex skin care.
If you need nutrition for your skin.
If you are looking for multi-moisturizing products.
Not all Moringa oils are the same.
Slower but nutritionally cold-pressed extraction.
Oneface Moringa Essence Oil.
Essential oil in a brown bottle. Oneface’s clever choice of container that avoids long-term oil spillage.
Daylight (Transparent glass is easily acidified in daylight.) Moisture (Moisture-absorbing oil is easily acidified.) Air (It is easily rusted if it comes in contact with air frequently.) Pollution from the outside (It is fresh for a long time with an eyedropper and a brown bottle!)


01 After cleansing for 3 seconds Moisturizing: Soap or foam cleansing removes beneficial sebum and nutrients along with the waste of skin. 
After cleansing, apply the oil within 3 seconds while there is still water on the face, to provide moisture and nutrition.

02 Cream + Moringa oil: Moisture cream or lotion that you use everyday can be used with a more nutritious meringua oil.

03 Watery Make-up: You can make a watery make-up by mixing an appropriate amount of Moringa oil with your usual BB cream or foundation.

04 Blushing Make-up: Those with partially oily skin who have difficulty applying water glow makeup can make a base-makeup and then apply moringa oil to the palm of your hand, forehead, nose and so on.

05 BODY CARE: moringa oil is added to body lotion for everyday use to enhance the body moisturizing power. 
It is used as a long lasting body moisturizing product instead of a hand cream and foot cream.

06 Special Care: If you are pregnant and do not know which cosmetics to use, use it from face to toe with vegetable moringa oil. After showering, wash with body oil before the water dries, then apply the facial oil before the water becomes evaporated!

07 Mask / Pack Synergy: Drop a drop before taking out the mask pack sheet, , absorb it into the cast molding sheet, pack or absorb the nutrients so that the nutrients do not come out after the mask pack is used.

08 Nail Care: Use as cuticle oil on nails with lots of cuticles on dry hands from frequent nail artapplicationt. Please apply one drop with a nail dropper.

09 Hair Care: Apply moringa oil to hair tangled by frequent dyeing and perming. After applying moisturizing oil to hands, apply evenly to end of hair. Do not apply directly to scalp.


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Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : Yong hui Kim
  • Tel : 82-24200300
  • Email : lohas001@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 167,Songpa-daero,Songpa-gu,, Seoul, Korea (05855)
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    Yong hui Kim
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    167,Songpa-daero,Songpa-gu,, Seoul, Korea (05855)
Oneface was founded in 2009 by Yonghwe Kim who has 30 years of experience in the Korean cosmetics industry. Since then, Oneface has been spreading its name globally in the cosmetics market with the development of products such as Doctorcos, Elisha Coy, Dr. Young, Dolly Wink, etc. In 2015, Oneface branded cosmetics was first launched and in 2017, five products, two brands and another product line was launched. We are also active in marketing, selling on/offline, launching new products once a year and through an event, selecting an ordinary person as a model to give hope to those who want to achieve their dreams. Our first ordinary person model Hyojin Kim, after taking first place in Oneface's model contest, won first place in Miss Chunhyang, appeared in an independent film and is now preparing to debut in China. We will continue to expand our domestic marketing activities with more diverse events and marketing plans. We have also made videos and product detail pages to advance into overseas markets. We are making efforts to grow as much as possible by investing in SNS marketing and domestic online marketing. Thank you
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    Moringa Gold Wrinkle Cream
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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