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ONMETRICS Research System

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    Model Real Time Automatic Survey Platform
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[Product Introduction]
Self Survey Platform “Onmetrics”

Onmetrics is for
When businesses want to find out market responses such brand awareness!
When research centers need data for research during product development!
When writing research papers in college!
When government agencies require surveys in various fields such as satisfaction surveys and integrity investigations!
When surveys in various fields such as research is required!
Onmetrics is a survey platform that makes quick, easy, and accurate surveys possible for anyone whenever and wherever.

Main functions of Onmetrics include
User-central GUI design and various question types and advanced survey options that allow even general users to create accurate surveys conveniently in accordance to their survey purposes.
Abundant panels that allow for detailed settings of survey targets for surveys that are in accordance with the purposes of the survey.
Providing appropriate statistical analysis with just one click in place of difficult descriptive statistics programs in the form of reports by compiling the data after the surveys are complete.
Maximizes work efficiency increase and cost cutting effects with such functions.

[Main Functions]
1. 16 panel types for target setting functions
Panels provided by Onsol is composed of over 600,000 panels worldwide, and they allow for fast and accurate surveys in accordance to survey purposes through 16 types of detailed classification such as the targets' region, gender, occupation, family status, car ownership, and etc.

2. Diverse question types and option functions
- 8 types of diverse questions and specific individual options that enable unhindered editing and survey creation in forms according to the customer's wishes
- Provides sample survey questions depending on the survey type so that even users who find creating surveys difficult can design surveys with accuracy and ease.
- Survey creation by users is easy and straightforward
- Provides templates in diverse themes to enable the creation of unique and personal surveys by changing the logo, background design, and etc.
- All questions and answers are implemented with image and video upload functions.

3. Statistical Analysis Report
- Automatic result report is possible through automatic statistical analysis of data from completed surveys.
- Result extraction of various descriptive statistics such as basic frequency analysis, cross analysis, t-test, variance analysis, correlation analysis, regression analysis, and etc. with the one-click on the webpage.
- Perfect printable automatic report with no additional editing required made possible by result analysis comment function added to strengthen the report function.
- Can be stored in the form of PPT / PDF files.


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  • Name : Jaemu Lim
  • Tel : 82-07044227078
  • Email : jon@onsolutions.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 606, Seoul, Geumcheon-gu (08504)
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Onsol. Co.,Ltd

Onsol. Co.,Ltd

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    Junwon Jeong
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    606, Seoul, Geumcheon-gu (08504)
Onsol's management philosophies are challenge and customer satisfaction. With this as basis, Onsol provides and operates various professional services to customers in the fields of research, translation/multi-language manuals, localization, platform development and operation, and SI/solution development business. Onsol's core business is ONMETRICS, a survey platform. We secured competitiveness through implementing essential functions that enable quick and easy survey for anyone whenever and wherever along with advanced functions in comparison to competitors. We aim to lead the market with high quality service by advancing into the world survey market with such technology as basis.
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    1~2 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people


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