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SUNNY HOME Refill-Bead Type

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    90 ea
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    1,000 ea per Month
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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa
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      KRW 4,400

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  • Brand
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    width length 20*30cm(1kg), 40*50cm(5kg)
  • Package Includes
    1kg*5 items (box), 5kg*3 items (box)
It eliminates damp humidity and freshens the air.
It absorbs humidity in air up to 14 times its own weight, and emits it in the form of water.
The bead type material eliminates humidity quickly because it has a large surface that touches the air.
The bead type dehumidifier is more convenient for refilling than the flake type because less powder is blown away.
The SUNNY HOME refill-bead type can be used for refilling all dehumidifying products regardless of the production company.
This product is more sturdy and durable than the flake type (form of general dehumidification material) so it does not shatter during transportation.
This product can eliminate humidity in various areas such as bathrooms, closets, blanket closets, basements, automobiles, adjutant's office, offices, etc., has a deodorization effect, and can prevent mold.
The exterior packaging material is pet packaging, and unused products are capable of being stored for a long period of time because there is a zipper.
*Possible Places of Application
All areas that require the elimination of humidity such as basements, garages, closets, kitchens, bathrooms, shoe closets, boats, automobiles, etc.
*Method of Refill and Reuse
1. Prepare the SUNNY HOME product for closets and the SUNNY HOME refill-bead type  
   -This may be applied to all general dehumidification containers.
2. Open the lid of the container that has been used and eliminate the top part of the paper.
3. Empty the water (deliquescent liquid) in the product.
4. Neatly clean and dry the container.
5. Fill 250g of the SUNNY HOME refill-bead type product after drying the container.
   -approximately 4-5 products can be refilled for each 1kg.
6. Close the lid and place the product where it does not tumble.
7. Store the leftover SUNNY HOME refill-bead type by closing the zipper.

*Target Consumers
20-60’s housewife (female) who want to maintain a fresh room space
Single household living in a studio or single living space
Owner or user of areas with a lot of mold and humidity such as factories, warehouses, normal stores.
20-60’s housewife that wishes to maintain a fresh area in countries with high temperature and humid weather (Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam)
Users of Northern America and European Countries that use many RV automobiles and are sensitive to pleasant air

*Core Function
It absorbs moisture in air, and changes it to water to eliminate moisture
It has a deodorization effect, so it is capable of eliminating smell in air
It prevents molds by eliminating humidity
The SUNNY HOME product for closets can be refilled 4-5 times with 1kg 1pack
*Product Outline
Product Name : SUNNY HOME Refill Bead Type
Volume : 1kg, 5kg
Substances : Bead Form Calcium Chloride (Bead Type)
Use : Refill the SUNNY HOME product for closets with this product. Closets, Blanket Closet, Shoe Closet, Piano, Sink, etc.
Amount used : 200g-400g per 1㎡
Product Size : width length 20*30cm(1kg), 40*50cm(5kg)
Packaging Unit : 1kg*5 items (box), 5kg*3 items (box)
Do not use other than the purpose of use.
Wash eyes with plenty of water and consult with your doctor if the product goes into your eyes.
Please be cautious to not damage the moisture absorbent sheet when taking the foil off.
The content of the product may leak if the product falls over, so please maintain the level of the product.
When the container or moisture absorbent sheet is damaged from negligence, stop the use of the product immediately and make sure the content does not spill on clothes, blankets, and home appliances.


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  • 1400, Nakdong-daero, Sasang-gu,, Busan-si,, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea (46907)
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