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JOYSOO Ultra-pure 3 time Sterilized Purified Water

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    90 ea
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    1,000 ea per Month
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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa
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      KRW 3,300

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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    100ml / 500ml / 1L / 4L
* Features
Pure water is generally up to a resistibility of 10~18 ㏁/cm.
This ultrapure water is used as a fundamental material of a wide field from basic science such as Enzine Studies of atoms, genetic engineering research, etc., and the High Technology Industry of semiconductors and chemistry.
JOYSOO is a purified water that has been produced after 3 times of ultrapure sterilization followed by a final UV sterilization process.
It has the effect of eliminating 99% of all impurities such as ionized inorganic substances and other various impurities contained in water, bacteria and various viruses, SUSPENDED SOLIDS in contaminated underground water, and secondary synthetic substances that have leaked into certain water supplies from rust in water supplies, iron gates, or industrial waste water/agricultural waste water.

* Order of Production

8 stages, 12 filters

1. Primary R/O unit Reverse Osmosis Filter
2. 1-1.CF Carbon Filter Activated Carbon Filter
3. 1-2.Particle Remover Filter MF Micro Filter
4. 1-3. 4 Membrane Filters
5.  Secondary R/O unit Reverse Osmosis Filter
6. 2-1.Vacuum System co2 elimination
7. 2-2.Particle Remover Filter MF Micro Filter
8. 2-3. 4 Membrane Filters
9. Ion Resin Filter
10. UV Sterilizer
11.  Use


* Effect From Processing

1.  Preprocessing UNIT : clarifier, press filter, fe remover, activated carbon filter,
     safety filter

2. Final Polishing Unit (FPU)
   1. UV (Ultraviolet Sterilizer) : installed for the prevention of sterilization
       and reproduction of bacteria
   2. CP (Non-reproductive purifier): installed for the purpose of complete elimination
       by the ultrapure equipment
   3. UF (Ultra Filtration Equipment) : installed for the purpose of eliminating minute particles
      of purified water supplied to the Use Point

* Micro Filter

It is used to eliminate floating material dissolved in water and Turbidity. It also has the function of eliminating remaining substances from the grinding of particles in the back washing process of the MMF and CARBON FILTER.

No leakage to the filter (FIBER)
The filter micron is accurate because the fiber is composed of an ideal structure
The in-depth filtering ability is maximized

* Ultraviolet Sterilizer
This is a sterilizer that does not effect the chemical characteristics of taste, smell, color, temperature, etc.
It has a strong sterilization effect because it goes through ultraviolet processing after it purifies preprocessed pure water.

* Activated carbon filter
The activated carbon configured with minute holes of 5A-150A has a strong absorption power because it has a surface of 1000-1600㎡/lg.
This is a filter with activated carbon that has a strong absorption power, which can absorb and eliminate various organic matter, tastes, smell, color, residual chlorine, and neutral detergent (ABS).

-used material : 8-30mesh activated carbon

* Defecation Factor

Heavy metals in inorganic substance
Sodium 87-93%
Calcium 94-97%
Magnesium 96-98%
Iron 95-98%
Manganese 95-8%
Aluminum 98-99%
Ammonia 86-92%
Copper 98-99%
Nickel 98-99%
Zinc 98-99%
Strontium 98-99%
Cadmium 96-98%
Silver 93-96%
Mercury 96-98%
Barium 96-98%
Chromium 96-98%
Lead 96-98%
Chlorine 87-93%
Bicarbonate 90-95%
Nitrate 60-75%
Fluoride 87-93%
Silicate 85-90%
Phosphate 98-99%
Chromate 86-92%
Cyanide 86-92%
Sulfite 96-98%
Thiosulfate 98-99%
Ferro-cyanide 98-99%
Bromate 87-93%
Borate 30-50%
Sulphate 98-99%
Arsenic 94-96%
Selenium 94-96%
Organic Material and Compounds
Bacteria 99%
Protozoa 99%
Ameba Cyst 99%
Giardia 99%
Asbestos 99%
Sediment/Turbidity 99%
Volcanic Ash 99%
Chlorine 99%
Chloroform 90%
Chlorodifluoromethane 95%
Bromdichloromethane 95%
Bromform 95%
Carbon Tetrachloride 95%
Trichloroethylene 95%
Polychlorinated Biphenyl 99%
Edrin 99%
Medoc Cyclotron 99%
Lindane (insecticide) 99%


* Possible Places of Application

* Industrial
Boiler Water (high pressure/low pressure/for generators)
For the preconditioning of industrial water
Semiconductor/Electronic Industrial Water
Cooling Water (industry/building)
returnable electrophoretic painting  (automobiles/aluminum)
Chemical Drugs (production/collection)
Pharmaceutical Water
Plating Water
HUMIDIFIER (control of humidity) water
Metal Industrial Water
Water for Cleaning Mechanical Parts
* Commerce
Hospital/Medical Industry
Ice Making Industry
Water for Car Wash/Waste Water Disposal
Printing/Plate Making
* Laboratories
For Industrial Development Research
For Scientific Experiments
For Nuclear Energy Research
For Cutting-edge Subcontractors/ Electronic Engineering
For Chemical Engineering
* Target Consumers
Hospitals such as dentists, laboratories, museums, factories, cosmetics production factories, food processing factories
20-60’s women who wish to make DIY cosmetics, detergents

* Related Certifications
Purified Water, Registration of JOYSOO Trademar

* Core Function

* Battery Makeup Water
– for supplementing the evaporation of battery fluid for automobiles, motor carts, forklift trucks, etc. (1-2 times of inspection and supplement a week)

* Cooling Water
– industrial boiler, mutual equipment, other cooling systems, and the dilution of antifreeze for automobiles (prevention of scale formation)

* Washing Water
– for washing machines and equipment (prevention of rust and scale)

* Production Water
– for the production of soap, cosmetics, air fresheners
* Product Outline
Product Name : JOYSOO Ultra-pure 3 time Sterilized Purified Water
Volume : 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 4L, 10L, 20L (Black Rectangle), 
20L (White Square), 200L, 1 ton
Substance : Purified Water
Use : Battery makeup water, cooling water, washing water, production water, etc.
Amount Used : 
Battery Makeup Water : Use according to the volume of the forklift truck battery water.
Washing Water : Use until pollutants are eliminated and washing is complete.
* Caution
This product is sanitized and purified water, so do not use as medicine or for drinking purposes.
Close the cap well after opening, and use within a short period of time if possible.
Do not use for plants.
It is harmless to the body, but it can cause diarrhea so do not consume.



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