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Baby Face & Body Lotion

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    Truezyme Co.,Ltd
    Model J1202R
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    Republic of Korea
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    baby body lotion
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A lotion made of the natural ingredients from Jeju Island and medicinal herbs is rarely irritable, making it applicable even to infants. Recommended for parents who seek a mild product safe to use for their child.
I recommend this to you.
Those who are concerned about damaged hair with frequent dyeing and impregnation, those who are thin and have weak hair
If you are stressed by sensitive scalp, you are stimulated by the chemical composition in general hair products
For those who have a lot of hair and can not get well, or are afraid of chemicals or pregnant women
Spray Tonic Formulation: 90% of the fermentation liquid solution is formulated in liquid form, sprinkled with an appropriate amount to reach the scalp directly, rubbing like massage using finger

The promise of Truezyme
Fertilizer solution tonic's scalp health project.
3FREE: No parabens, silicone oil,
Use of special natural raw materials: Use natural native raw materials from Jeju and Korean herbal ingredients
EWG GREEN GRADE: All products, all all components US EWG Green grade products
Water pollution prevention: Environment-friendly cleaning products that prevent water pollution
Fermentation system: Special fermentation solution, 30 ~ 90%
Jeju Lava Seawater, which was born with Jeju Island 400,000 years ago, contains rare mineral-rich Jeju Lava Seawater
1. The organic ingredients from Jeju Island are used to prevent irritation on the baby's fragile skin. 
The organic, nutritional ingredients are absorbed quickly into skin for extended effects for 
2. As the medicinal herbs and natural organic ingredients from Jeju Island take up more than 90% 
of the entire ingredients, it is highly effective in improving the baby's skin troubles such as atopy 
and itchiness.
3. It enhances the innate moisture retention property, strengthening skin barriers.
Jeju lava seawater, Bifidobacterium fermented solvent, Tangerine peel extract, Green tea extract, Kelp extract, Soybean germ extract, Camellia flower extract, Angelica gigantosa extract, Licorice extract, Peony root extract, Cnidium officinale root extract, Artemisia princeps leaf extract, Broccoli sprout extract



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  • Jongga-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan (44412)
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Truezyme Co.,Ltd

Truezyme Co.,Ltd

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    Jongga-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan (44412)
[True + Enzyme = Truezyme] Synthesis means ""real enzyme"" or ""true enzyme.""  As an independent fermentation technique, we developed cosmetics and cleaning agents that are good for the skin and scalp by putting into place Korean herbal medicines specialized in oriental medicine and precious raw materials from Jeju Island.  It's a safe craftsmanship product that protects the health and beauty of both men, women, and children. 1. Hair Line (Shampoo / Scalp Tonic) - Natural natural ingredients (97% natural organic compounds) and herbal medicine fermented raw materials nourish sensitive scalp and give gloss and strength to hair. 2. Body Line (Body Wash / Face & Body Lotion / Multi Tonic) - Excellent moisturizing effect helps to relieve the itching caused by dryness, moisturizes the skin, and protects the skin's health. It cleans the skin without irritation and makes it moist and smooth. 3. Baby Line (Baby Wash / Baby Lotion) - Using Jeju Natural Organic Materials, skin irritation has been reduced to the point that it can be used in infants. It's a combination of hair shampoo and body wash for children. 4. Woman Line (Feminine Cleanser) - Safe and clean feminine cleanser to protect women's health. Cleanliness management of Y zone sensitive to pH acidity & moisture care.
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