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Unitein Powder

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Unitein is a food product developed by mixing and fermenting traditional Korean health-care foods or medicines such as 9 times dried & steamed red-ginseng,
fermented soy beans, and dried tangerine peel with patented high-bred bacillus. Unitein is 100% natural, and therefore it is very safe and stable to consume. 
- All Korean raw materials
- Genuine 9 times steamed & dried red-ginseng 
- Patented for excellent anti-cancer effect protein manufacture method
- Test & Research: anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, immunity improvement, DNA restoration
- Major TV Broadcast: SBS, MBC 
Unitein globules were powdered for children and seniors' easy intake with drinks or foods.

Diverse application is possible. Marinating meat with Unitein powder makes meat not only healthy but also soft and less oily.
Fermenting foods with it also produces distinguished tastes. 
Intake Directions
 Unitein is not medicine but natural food. Therefore intake dose may be somewhat less or more. 
 For patients, as Unitein is food, they can take Unitein along with medicines.
 For the same daily dose, more frequent intakes is more effective. 
e.g) For 180 globues per day, 30 gloubles in 6 times is better than 60 globules in 3 times.

1) Disease Preventive Intake
 1 Time dose : For an adult, 60-70 globules (3.5g) per time
 For a child, 40 globules per time. Intake with warm water is helpful.
 One flat spoonful of the enclosed spoon is 60-70 globules. (Photo 1)
 Daily Intake Frequency: 3 times per day: before or after meal

2) Patients' Health Care Intake
 1 Time dose : For an adult, 100-110 globules (5.5g) per time
 For a child, 80 globules per time. Intake with warm water is helpful.
 One heaping spoonful of the enclosed spoon is 100-110 globules. (Photo 2)
 Daily Intake Frequency: 5 times per day: after wake up, before or after meal, before sleep



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    13 Gongdan-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do (24232)
We are a bio-health R&D venture start-up that researchers and develops physiological activating natural substances that is safe for the human body and recovers health using microorganisms that are beneficial to the body and environment, and we are focusing on manufacturing and distributing eco-friendly health products that incorporate our work. UNITEIN is a botanical bioactive natural substance with excellent anticancer, quotient urine, immunity effect. Unlike chemicals, there are no side effects. Many people can take it healthily. The chemicals are not harmonious with the human body, so they are resistant to the human body and have no lasting effect. So chemicals have side effects. UNITEIN is a 100% vegetable fermented food that can be used continuously without side effects. UNITEIN is a Bacillus sp. Bacterium developed by Kookyungguppo red ginseng, Cheonggukjang soybean, and dandelion. It is a health food made to contain physiologically active natural substances by special treatment after mixed fermentation. Main products 1. Unitein Globules 2. Unitein Toothpaste 3. Soy Natural Cleansers Uses and characteristics of production items 1. UNITAIN FAN: 9 kinds of good 9 for anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, health food mixed red ginseng, natto, dermis 2. Unitent toothpaste: Natural toothpaste for gum and tooth health 3. SOY NATURAL CLEANSER: Eco-friendly human cleanser made from soy Competitiveness and Strengths 1. Unitain Circle: - 100% natural domestic raw material - Developed the world's only 9 kinds of 9 red ginseng - 9 9 Fermentation with superior Bacillus sp. Cultured in red ginseng - Mixed fermented raw materials such as dandelion and natto (Chungkookjang), high absorption rate of active ingredient, high stability in body, excellent efficacy. - Excellent efficacy in anti-cancer and anti-diabetic trials conducted at specialized institutions and universities 2. Unitine toothpaste: - Adds high quality natural medicines such as mastic, myrrh, and red ginseng (Unitine) to exfoliate and exfoliate, sore, pour and exfoliate gingiva. - No harmful chemical ingredients: parabens, triclosan, chemical surfactants, chemical scents, chemical pigments, saccharin, fluorine, MIT / CMIT Soo Natural Cleanser: Soybean, and other vegetable natural raw materials. Skin non-stimulation. Moisturize and calm skin. Exfoliation
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    Unitein Toothpaste
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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    5~10 people



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