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Healthy Force Raw Food Tablet

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    L/C(sight) , T/T
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    100 ea
  • Supply Ability
    1,000 ea per One-Time
  • Country of sale
    Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa
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      Depend on quantity


  • Brand
    Model HFR-A01
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    500g [250g x 2EA]
[ Product Introduction ]

∘ Containing the patented fermentation raw ingredient, Hovenia dulcis powder, Lespedeza
  cuneata powder 
∘ Healthy Force Raw Food Tablet is a nutritionally balanced formula made entirely from the
  raw materials in Korea such as Hovenia dulcis, Lespedeza cuneata, Houttuynia cordata,
  Lizard's tail, and other grains, vegetables and seaweeds which are made into the patented
  organic Houttuynia cordata and Lizard's tail fermented liquid. We proudly present this Raw
  Food Tablet made of various healthy ingredients that were grown in nature and
  fermentation technology for anyone to take the raw food diet with ease. The main raw
  ingredients, Houttuynia cordata and Lizard's tail, are cultivated in the environmentally
  friendly organic farming at 720-m altitude of Deogyu Mountain. It also contains the Hovenia
  dulcis known for liver health and Lespedeza cuneata for kidney, thus, it is good for anybody,
  especially for the elderly. 

[ Main Funtion ]

∘ Directions 
‧ Nutritional supplements and improvement in constitution / 3 times a day with 9 g after each
‧ Nutritional supplements for patients / 3 to 5 times a day or after each meal and as snacks
‧ Dieting / 9g + half of your meal or 20 g (as substitute meal)
‧ Simultaneous intake of calorie-based foods such as carbohydrate, protein and fat
‧ For drinking / Helpful when drinking because liquors contain lots of carbohydrates.

[ Standard & Contents ]

500g [250g × 2EA]

[ Others ]

H.S. Code : 2106.90.9099



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  • Name : Tae-Wan Kim
  • Tel : 82-0624303545
  • Email : help@foodsolution.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 50, B09, B10, Gwangju, Buk-gu (61200)
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    Tae-Wan Kim
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    50, B09, B10, Gwangju, Buk-gu (61200)
Food Solution aspires to suggest the right food solution to everyone who desires to live a happy life through healthy life. Going on a diet and working out alone are not enough to maintain a healthy body. As a health food brand, Food Solution will present you the most reliable products. Our company is a manufactures and sells Healthy Force, a recreational and health food. To improve the health of liver health and to develop liquid tea, we have searched for the raw materials of domestic traditional food and identified the efficacy and the effect of them, so that the various plant nutrients contained in the food are weak, And developed in the form of liquid cars. The main ingredient of the seeds of nature, has been appropriately mixed with enzymes for dietary supplement. It keeps the health of the modern people and helps to the spiritual mind. Healthy Force raw materials and ingredients - Main ingredient: Sasaekcho Sankungchocho enzyme (strengthen liver function and male reproductive function) - Subsidiary: Hovenia fruit, kelp, black sesame, altitude, onion, Seomoktae, yamancheon, bellflower, etc. Healthy Force Natural Food is a kind of natural food using special fermented liquid which contains organic fermented lizard tail herb(魚腥草) liquid and Organic fermented Saururus Chinese(三白草) liquid, and other ingredients. It is usually for diet and improving body system. And lots of functions as well. Also, vivizyme is a kind of fermented enzyme liquid tea which is used 3 kinds of herbs(魚腥草, 三白草, 草石蚕) you can see in our catalogue.
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    Healthy Force Diabetes (Nice Sugar)
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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    Less than 5



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