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▼ [Product Overview]

BonMaker is the first total automated processing machine using patient’s own tooth to process for bone transplant. A bone transplant processed with one’s own tooth is called “Auto-Tooth Bone (ATB).” It has overcome the disadvantages of existing bone transplants, displayed quicker bone formation with lower bone loss rate in long-term clinical trials, and proved its safety and effectiveness. In addition, it has been the first in related products to obtain CE for medical devices and ISO13485 certificate to guarantee stable and consistent output through strict quality control and systemized process.
Type of Implant Shape Advantages Disadvantages
Bone transplant from one’s own tooth
Use disposed bone as a bone transplant
Excellent curative power
Not infected
Requires a tooth extraction
Extract patient’s bone
Excellent curative power
Not infected
Hard to extract. Additional surgery for extraction may be a burden for the patient
Use donated bone from other person
With similar curative power because it is a human bone
With anxiety of genetic diseases or infectious diseases, high price, and unsatisfactory result about function and prognosis according to donated part
Heterogeneous bone
Use animal’s bone (Cow, etc.)
Easy to obtain bone tissue
With low osteoinduction ability
With anxiety from animal infectious diseases
Alloplastic bone
Use artificially composed material
Simple and convenient to purchase
Without risk of infection
With no osteoinduction ability
Autograft (extracting a bone from the patient) is the best for poor condition of ulitis for implant or autologous tooth transplant and preservation of the defect, but animal bone(heterogeneous bone), bone made of seashells (alloplastic bone) and donated bone (allograft) due to additional pain and limited amount of bone. Bone transplant from one’s own tooth is made of identical components with ulitis to be transposed to a bone durable against pressure when chewing, to preserve the organic matters (collagen) 100% and to show excellent result in regeneration and osseointegration through identical osteoinduction and bone conduction ability to one’s own bones.
▼ [Major Functions]

Advantages of this product are as follows:

1. Friendliness to the body: Unlike chemical material, other species (cow, pig, horse) or donated bone from others, using one’s own tissue will generate absolutely no rejection (100%).
2. Excellent result from clinical trial: Bone transplant processed by BonMaker shows similar clinical prognosis as autograft with lower bone loss rate.
3. Comfort during procedure: It does not require membrane, and corresponding minimum incision is very advantageous (easy to control soft tissues, causing little swelling or pain, and with shorter period to heal)
4. High satisfaction from patients: Since it uses one’s own tissue, a patient can be free from side effects or infections. One can store the tooth and process it if necessary.
5. Economic feasibility: Same machine can process powder type and block type (Maximum process amount: 3cc per one operation of powder type, 4 pieces per one operation of block type)
▼ [Size & Components]

Basic components include the following.
- BonMaker machine: 1unit
- Tooth crushing kit: 1set
- Related accessories: Sterilized distilled water bottle, Bon-Bin(material chamber)


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    Sang Hun Kim
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    Gongdandong-ro 41beon-gil,, Geumjeong-gu, Busan (46332)
Korea Dental Solution Co., Ltd. is established in 2012 to manufacture total automated machinery for bone transplant of one’s own tooth and to provide total dental solution. Years of product development and improvement by professionals of each area launched the state of the art machine “BonMaker,” to process the tooth extracted from a patient or stored tooth with total automated process and to make parceling tooth transplant immediately. “BonMaker” has been highly regarded by Korea and various international markets. In addition, the Company was the world’s first in the industry to obtain CE for medical device and ISO13485 certificate to prove its safety and effectiveness objectively and to become the first Korean medical device provider to export to various European markets. With this stepping stone, Korea Dental Solution will develop more creative and innovative product to realize the needs of our customers and will lead the market to regard customer satisfaction as the priority.
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    Dental equipment, total dental solution
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    1~2 billion (KRW)
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    5~10 people


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