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    Asia, Americas, Europe
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    Model CRE-002
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    Republic of Korea
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    Size: 8*10(round)
Only one of the world's top 10 super foods, salmon! Salmon is a product made from oil extracted from salmon. Salmon contains a large amount of omega-3, which is known to be a good health and skin for preventing human skin, freckles and dark circles. In addition, salmon roe, caviar (Sturgeon shark), L22 (US patent) ingredients and ancillary ingredients such as seaweed is added together to maximize the efficacy of salmon oil. This product is approved by the KFDA, and it is excellent for prevention of dark circles, spots and freckles by the effect of salmon's own characteristics in addition to functional whitening and wrinkle improvement. Moreover, it is enough for the product without using eye cream around wrinkled eyes, The size of the product (80g) than the existing commercial cream formulations, without the lack of capacity enough to concentrate on the whole face and around the eyes was made available.
[Product Introduction]
Contains ample ceramide, which protects the skin, and unsaturated fatty acid(cispalmitoleic acid), which is good for blood circulation, in order to regenerate and moisturize the skin.

A cream that lends soft texture to the skin through natural ingredients such as the water, honey, and the Hallabong extracts of Jeju Island and turns dark and dull skin into a glowing and vigorous one while containing the freshness and healthiness of horse oil from Jeju island.

[Main Functions]
- Whitening and wrinkle improving functional cosmetic
- Ample moisturizing ability
- Completion of healthy skin through control of oil∙water balance

[Dimensions and Components]
Case+Main Product+Instruction Manual

Size: 8*10(round)
Material: cream
Color: light yellow
Purchasing Price($): USD42.00
Quantity, Amount: 80g


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  • Name : SIMON SEO
  • Tel : 82-24073141
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 10, Chungmin-ro, Songpa-gu,, Seoul,, Korea (05840)
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    10, Chungmin-ro, Songpa-gu,, Seoul,, Korea (05840)

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Story of CRE8SKIN Nature is most beautiful when it is as it is. Similarly, since we also are part of nature, we, people, are most beautiful when we are in nature. As we are far away from nature in theses days, spending busy days in various harmful environments, however, our skin is losing its true health and beauty. Cre8skin is making every efforts to develop and provide products made of ingredients with the freshness of nature so that exhausted skin could recover its vitality and health. Recreating skin in nature with the healthiness of natural ingredients! This is the target that Cre8skin wants and seeks. Cre8skin will be with you in order to find the solution of the healthy beauty that skin wants from nature, find the lost beauty, and fill your skin with full of brightness. Recreating the skin of nature through the healthiness of natural ingredients! This is the goal that Cre8skin wants and strives for. Cre8skin is doing its best to manufacture and develop products that will put a smile on the skin through ingredients that contain the freshness of nature in order to revert the exhausted skin into a state of health. The answer to the healthy beauty that the skin wants! Cre8skin will be with your skin to help your skin recover the lost beauty from nature and fill your skin with a vital glow.
  • Business Type :
    Trading Company
  • Main Product :
    SALMON OIL CREAM, It’s real color hydro-gel mask, COSMETICS
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    6 million to 10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    Less than 5

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  • CRE8SKIN Salmon Oil Cream Facial Moisturizing Cream Brightening Anti Wrinkle 80g/2.82fl.oz
  • SALMON OIL CREAM, Facial Moisturizing Cream Brightening Anti Wrinkle
  • It's Real Color Hydro Gel Mask (Pomegranate)