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White Time Mask Pack

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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Width140* Length 190(mm)
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    20ml / 23g
[White Time]
*White Time Snail Mask Pack's features
- White Time Cosmetics: White Time Snail Mask Pack (Manufactured in a factory qualified by
- Whitening, wrinkle improvement=Dual functions
- Made with the finest superfine fiber sheet (Unlike sheets from other companies, customers
  feel satisfaction as soon as they touch these finest sheets)
- Strict supervision and research by CGMP based authentication

- Creates consumers' desire to purchase with twelve different types of concept design
- Pouches, which are used as packing materials, can be reused continuously
- Pouches are travel-friendly because they are made with waterproof materials

1.  White Time Snail Sheet Mask, which is effective for both whitening and wrinkle 
    improvement, contains the best ingredients notified by the KFDA; niacinamide and
    adenosine. Additionally, it contains filtered snail mucus liquid, trenella fuciformis extract,
    and other superb ingredients, which soothes skin from external irritations and moisturizes
    dry skin. Furthermore, it is made with the finest super fiber sheet, which is one of the most
    important components when providing nutrients to skin efficiently.  It completely sticks on
    the user's skin, supplies the essence to the skin efficiently, and maximizes the user's
    This mask pack gives the greatest satisfaction to the users by making them realize the 
    superb quality of the sheet by simply opening the product and touching it.

2. White Time Cosmetics products are manufactured in manufacturers that are CGMP
   (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice) based, instead of regular GMP based. Products are
   manufactured in a trustworthy system.  They go through strict examinations, including
   microorganism test.  Also, we are putting emphasis on not only exporting cosmetics, but
   also the value of beautiful Korean culture by collaborating with the company's contents
   (Character and music that have contents).
   Mask pack's packaging is made to last and be reused continuously. Wusu Company is
   striving to create cosmetics of beautiful culture by improving our products' quality, which is
   done by adding cultural contents collaboration.

1. Mask Pack essence, sheet
- Composed with the optimal combination for efficient nutrient provision to skin
- Home care mask pack, which has whitening and wrinkle improvement functions
- Made with the finest superfine fiber sheet
- Superb adherence to the user's face due to the abundance of essence.
- Long-lasting moistness unlike our competitors' sheets
- Strict microorganism tests are done in every process, hygienic manufacturing management
  that results in a strict and trustworthy product
- The best product optimized as a mask pack plus collaboration with cultural contents
- Collaboration of White Time Face Mask Pack and the company's cultural contents character, 
  "MissGom Family"
2. Design and pouch package
1)Own-brand's character introduction
- MissGom, who is the main character from the company's contents character brand,
  'MissGom Family,' is half human and half animal. The main character, MissGom, was created
  from animal experiments due to human selfishness.
- MissGom loves both human-beings and animals, which makes her an intermediate between
  human-beings and animals. She believes that she is given with a responsibility to create the
  world where every creature can coexist, and is building a harmonious world with MissGom
- It is made with concepts such as opposition against experiments on animals and
  harmonious world for all living and non-living beings. The collaboration progressed greatly
  because contents portrayed White Time Cosmetics' aim well.
- There are three theme songs for MissGom Family, including MissGom's theme song, 'I can
  hear now.' This, alongside White Time, will become a part of Korean Wave.
2)Pouch and bag concept
- There are multiple concept designs, such as wedding concept and baseball concept.  It
   reflects the culture of human life. It is made with reusable materials, which will discourage
   consumers from throwing out this pouch.

Width140* Length 190(mm)
1set (10pcs)
Size 20*23*5cm
Weight, 370g


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  • Name : Wooil Joung
  • Tel : 82-05053645555
  • Email : missgomkr@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 15-16, LS-ro 166beon-gil,, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (15807)
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WuSu Company
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    15-16, LS-ro 166beon-gil,, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (15807)
1. WuSu Company Smart Business partner, WuSu Company. We place priority on pursuing value for every single product. We are not neglecting the rigorous quality process control for its value and aim to deliver the best satisfaction to our customers with high quality. 2. Company philosophy 1) Efforts to maintain faith in the product. 2) Constant research for high quality. 3) We develop the contents for the creation of beautiful culture and bring out the best value for the product. 3. Business Fields We focus on two areas: cultural content and cosmetics. 1) Cultural contents can be divided into design field and content field. - Design: character design, character licensing, package design - Contents: music and sound production 4. Cosmetic field is based on our own brand 'White Time Cosmetic', we launched Mask Sheet and Whitening Cream.
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    White Time Mask Pack
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