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Ja.Pum.So blackwheat noodle

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    Model Cordyceps blackwheat noodle
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88% of US buckwheat and 11.5% of eco-friendly Korean brown wheat cordyceps is included in frozen blackwheat noodle. Wheat flour not included, so is very digestive. Experience blackwheat and cordyceps healthy effect.

1. Buckwheat effective to vessels
    There are ample rutin inside buckwheat. Rutin is antioxidating material that gets rid of activating oxygen in our body. Thanks to rutin in buckwheat, activated oxygen in vessels will be eliminated. It is healthy for vessels and for weight losing as well. 
2. Buckwheat effect on high blood pressure
    When intensely stressed, angiotensin-2 is released from our body, increasing blood pressure. Rutin enables less creation of angiotensin-2.
3. Buckwheat effect in decreasing blood sugar.
   Dietary fiber is abundant in buckwheat. With ample dietary fiber, sugar absorption is delayed. As a result, it prevents radical increase of sugar in our body.
4. Buckwheat with abundant protein
Representative protein food in plant is tofu. However, buckwheat includes very rare protein, Lysin. Not only such, unsaturated fatty acid in buckwheat is effective in decreasing blood cholesterol.                                                   

5. Buckwheat effect is introduced in Herbal Dictionary
In Herbal Dictionary, it is introduced that buckwheat will strengthen stomach, clear spirit, and eliminates waste in body intestines.
6. Buckwheat effect in preventing diabetes
    Buckwheat helping pancreas activity will activate insulin creation.
7. Buckwheat effective in obesity
    Buckwheat is very effective in preventing obesity. Included in buckwheat is vitamin and amino acid. Ingredients are very effective in skin beauty as well as obesity.
8. Effective in liver function
    Flavonoid ingredient is included in buckwheat. Flavonoid ingredient helps revitalize liver cells. It also is effective in enhancing detoxification effect of liver.
9. Buckwheat effective in swelling
    Rutin included in buckwheat activates diuretic action, alleviating swelling, enhancing capillary. It is very helpful for geriatric disease.
10. Buckwheat effective in relieving hangovers
    Among buckwheat effect, there is hangover function. In buckwheat, choline ingredient that is used to relieve hangovers is abundant.
 11. Buckwheat effective for skin
    Cistin ingredient included in buckwheat, will smoothen your skin and revitalize skin. It is effective for skin beauty.
 12. Buckwheat effective for gum health
    Vitamin B and P abundant in buckwheat will strengthen capillary and prevent gum inflammation.

150g individually packaged

How to deliciously eat buckwheat noodles
1. Put 1 person 1 meal amount of buckwheat noodle in the pot with boiling water. Usually amount of one and a half fist is appropriate for one person amount. If pot is too small, water can spill over. Boil water in pot with appropriate size. If there are little water, your noodles can become soggy. Please be careful with pot size and water amount.
2. As water starts boiling, put noodle in immediately. As you put in, noodles will sink and soak in water.
3. When you are finished with putting the noodles all in pot, swirl them with chopstick. Swirling has to start immediately as the noodles are made of buckwheat it can easily stick together if otherwise.
4. Boil for 5 minutes, and check to see if the texture is okay by checking with a string of noodle. Cool off with cold water and check it to see whether the noodle texture is right for you.
5. Turn off gas, and wait for 2 minutes with the pot lid on. Check to see if it is chewy enough for you. Adjust by waiting for more for noodles to be steamed further or not according to your preference.
6. Shower the boiled noodles with cold water. Shower several times until the noodles are bouncy enough. Additional tip: do not throw out the boiled water. Instead refrigerate it, cool off and drink when thirsty. It has the same feeling and effect of drinking buckwheat tea.
7. Enjoy your noodle with the packaged sauce and broth. Add garnish of your wish.
8. You can also enjoy by warming it. Warm buckwheat noodles are amazing as well.



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DISCRIPTION 88% of US buckwheat and 11.5% of eco-friendly Korean brown wheat cordyceps is included in frozen blackwheat noodle. Wheat flour not included, so is very digestive. Experience blackwheat and cordyceps healthy effect. What is polyphenol in buckwheat? One of the most important components is polyphenol. This ingredient has strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidant function is a function that is effective for the proliferation of cancer and the prevention of carcinogenesis. Based on these effects, various functional foods are being research and developed. What is Cordycepin in Cordyceps? One of the most important components of Cordyceps is Cordycepin. In the past, caterpillar fungus was cultivated in silkworm and pupa, but in modern times, it is mostly cultivated in grain such as brown rice or soybean. Cordycepin is a substance that enhances immunity and has anti-cancer and diuretic properties. You can also take it cold or warm.
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