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    Daily dosage : 4 capsules (1,200mg)
Refresh our immunity by reducing interleukin-4
Awakening Your Immunity Within
Brief explanation of the product
  • How are you managing your immunity?
  • Now, begin with increasing immunity by controlling the immunity of your body!
  • Make balanced immunity with ‘ROCKPID’.  
  •  ROCKPID contains PLAG component which is in deer antler.
  •  ROCKPID is a safe functional health food certified by K-FDA.
  •  ROCKPID is especially recommendable for the following people.​ ​​
  1. One who wants to live a healthy life (health promoter)  
  2. One who has problem with autoimmunity  
  3. Sensitive immunity reaction  
  4. Chronic inflammation  
  5. One who is suffering from decrease of neutrocyte and white blood cell and 
  6. mucositis
Translation of page of details of product
  • Individually recognized health functional food recognized by K-FDA
  • TV commercial  
  • Wake up the immunity by reducing interleukin 4!
  • PLAG, one of the effective components of deer antler, can help control your immunity by reducing IL-4.
  • ROCKPID Immune
  • ‘Containing PLAG’, ROCKPID is a health functional food whose function and safety have been recognized by K-FDA through strict quality control.
  • ROCKPID is individually recognized health functional food which can help control immunity by reducing interleukin 4 with PLAG, which is one of the effective components of deer antler.
  • How should we manage immunity?
  • ROCKPID TV commercial
  • How should we manage immunity? TV commercial, actor Jeong-gil Lee
  • Have balanced immunity by reducing interleukin 4 with ROCKPID!
Product information

What is ROCKPID?
  • ROCKPID is a health functional food whose function and safety have been recognized.
  • Safety is guaranteed by strict quality control.
  • What is PLAG, the functional material of ROCKPID? PLAG can help control immunity by reducing interleukin 4.
  • The fruit of more than 40 years of research; PLAG is one of the effective components of deer antler.  
  • Imbalanced immunity can be treated by reducing interleukin 4 to lead a healthy life.
  • Results of application of PLAG to human body at university hospital show that IL-4 has been reduced. (Confirmation of application of PLAG to human body)

Summary of test of application to human body
  • Person in charge of application to human body : Sang-Hwan Kim (Associate professor, Dept. of Family Physician, Catholic Kwandong University)
  • Design of test of application to human body : For 4 weeks, double screen, random assignment, comparison  
  • Research institution and period : Myeongji Hospital, Oct. 31, 2012 ~ Jan. 31, 2013
  • Subjects = 75 healthy people (WBC 1,000 ~ 5,000ro, over 45kg, BMI 18.5 ~ 30kg/m2)
  • The results of this test applied to human body do not apply the same to every person.
  • Source : SCI level international journal – Immunity function of PLAG for healthy adults (Immune network vol. 15, no.3:150~160, June, 2015) 
  • How did professor Sang-hee Kim find PLAG?
  • Professor Sang-hee Kim began researching the various components of deer antler in earnest in 1989 and finally found out PLAG which is one of the effective components. Then he applied for patent for this material and published theses. ENZYCHEM LIFESCIENCES succeeded to manufacture PLAG after 10 years of research. So it took 40 years after professor Sang-hee Kim began his research for people to be able to have the good component.
  • Professor Sang-hee Kim, the initial developer of PLAG
  • PLAG registered for patent for health functional food
  • Patent registration  
  • Healthy food containing PLAG (KR10-0885679)
  • Manufacturing method of PLAG (KR11278874, RU, CN, CA, JP, AU, US, EP, IN)
  • Patent in Russia, patent in China, patent in Canada, patent in Japan, patent in Australia, patent in the U.S., patent in Europe, patent in India
  • Theses presentation  
  • ROCKPID is a health functional food whose function and safety have been recognized by K-FDA through strict and thorough certification process.
  • Manufacturer: ENZYCHEM LIFESCIENCES Co., Ltd.
  • Seller: ROCKPID Immunity Station 82-2-578-8288 
Major components
  • PLAG (PLAG, 1-palmitoyl-2-linoleoyl-3-acetyl-rac-glycerol), Heavy chain neutral fat, D-a-tocopherol (vitamin E 67%, soybean) containing soybean
Nutrition/function information
  • Daily dosage : 4 capsules (1,200mg)
  • Standard nutrient for daily dosage : PLAG (1000mg), calorie 10kcal, fat 1g (2%)
  • Keep the product in cool place away from direct light as it can be affected by moisture and heat.
  • Keep the product out of the reach of small children. 
PLAG-containing Rockpid is health supplement approved for its functionality and safety under strict quality control.

Rockpid is individually accredited healthy supplement that contains PLAG, one of many substances found in deer antlers, which reduces interleukin-4, which in turm helps to adjust your immunity.

How about Rokpid?

- Rockpid is health supplement approved for ts functionality and safety
-  It guarantees its safety through strict quality control
What is PLAG, Rockpid's functional ingredient?

- It canhelp manage immunity by reducing interleukin-4
- It is a product following 40 years of R&D and on of many beneficial substances of deer antler
- It is a solution to maintaining balanced immunity and a healthy life



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  • Name : SUNG HO CHOI
  • Tel : 82-0262137130
  • Email : shchoi@enzychem.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 59, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do (27159)
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    59, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do (27159)
Company Introduction ENZYCHEM LIFESCIENCES Co., Ltd. was established in July, 1999 as a venture company developing global new medicine based on high-tech life science and medical chemistry. With 2 GMP production factories in Jecheon as well as a research institute for development of new medicine, we have been developing and producing raw medicine and healthy functional foods and also developing global new medicine. ENZYCHEM LIFESCIENCES is a company developing medicines for decrease of neutrocyte and blood platelet and blood poisoning caused by anti-cancer drugs and autoimmune disease using EC-18(PLAG), a component extracted from natural material (deer antler); a technology venture company (mark for new technology in Korea, certification for new technology in health by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy, development of high-tech industrial products and new medicine) possessing more than 50 domestic and overseas intellectual property rights related to EC-18 usage and manufacturing method and synthesizing 1st Generic raw medicine); and a company producing medicines certified by Japan FDA for PMDA GMP equipped with the latest GMP synthesizing facilities. Also, we completed the second GMP factory in Oct. 2012 and has been producing and selling Non-Cephalosporin, raw medicine, and ‘ROCKPID’ which is the world’s first immunity controlling health functional food. ENZYCHEM LIFESCIENCES continues to make effort to be a global bio pharmaceutical company developing global new medicines essential for a world in which mankind can live longer happily and healthily.
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    health food, Health supplement, ROCKPID
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    4~5 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    51~100 people


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