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    Republic of Korea
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    300 x 220 x 120(mm)
[Product Dex-scription]
"Enjoy your sexual life by 10 minutes of daily exercise"
"Medicine, surgery or exercise"
That is the agony of many men suffering from erectile dysfunction.
Spuit type of device made of rubber material, that has been widely distributed in existing market, is very difficult to greaten the pressure of vacuum. Piston has to be moved by hands so it is a hard job and pressure is not so strong as well.
Our MICOM-program type of product, installed LCD, is a medical appliance to be used exclusively for genital organs by controlling rhythm and waves by vacuum pump. For this product, we obtained permission from the Food & Drug Administration(No. 08-77 COCOMEDI, No. 09-147 MRHI), license of manufacturer(No. 2626), certification of GMP(KETI-AA-080068). Also, we have acquired CE certification(No. 11-03-76389-002, Electric Cupping Device, Model : COCOMEDI) by the certificate authority of TUV in Germany.
This product has been approved, as a legal medical appliance, to be used for the inflow of blood to the penis, such as clitoris, cavernosum, etc. by means of negative pressure.
Our product of "MR. HI" is consisted of main body, aspirator, hose, compression bandage, protector, adapter, including suction pump(mini motor compressor).
If vacuum genertor(mini motor compressor) switch is turned on, suction pump starts working and the high amount of blood flows to the penis inside a cylinder. As a result, man's penis is being enlarged.
As man's penis is enlarged by the mechanical power, it becomes far larger than what man has consciously intended. This is a powerful effect of exercise.
The characteristic of "MR. HI" is that it prevents high amount of blood in the penis from being receded under the condition of vacuum pressure and also relieves blood circulatory disorder in the penis through the repetitive exercises.
As we can make strong muscles by exercises, muscle of cavernosum in the penis can be much improved through the repetitive movements of contraction and relaxation depending on the blood circulation, which is controlled by negative pressure system of our product.
1. Improvement of erectility
Impotency has been caused by insufficient supply of blood in the space of genital organ. Some people may have experiences that penis gets shriveled and it may even atrophy when having relation with woman.
It can be said that this case is the muscle of cavernosum in the penis get atrophy. However, through the repetitive movements of contraction and relaxation of muscular tissue of cavernosum in the penis, high amount of blood can be circulated and phallus get much harder and thicker than before.
2. Enlargement of Phallus
It may differ slightly depending on the individual, however, 6-10cm of cavernosum is hidden in the pelvis of body. When penis is erected, bulbo-cavernosus muscle pushes cavernosum out and it also prevents blood from being receded to keep the lasting time of erectility get longer.
By using our product(MR. HI), bulbocavernosus muscle can be strengthened and it can push corpus cavernosum penis out properly as well.
Through the clinical trials in Japan, it is manifested that the penis is enlarged and get much harder after using MR. HI, even if it may differ slightly depending on the individual.
3. Improvement of premature ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is to ejaculate without relation with one's will. Phallus may be harder, but glans is as soft as a deflated rubber balloon. Such a phenomenon takes place when blood vessels in the cavernosum have been in a state of poor circulation of blood as well as inactivation of cavernosus tissue in glands.
The weakness of cavernosum tissue in glans means a much sensitive state of ejaculating nerve, accordingly, it might bring about premature ejaculation without relation with one's will.
However, through the repetitive movements of contraction and relaxation of weakened muscular tissue of cavernosum in glans, by using negative pressure of our product, high amount of blood can be circulated and phallus get much harder. As a result, ejaculating nerve becomes quite insensitive and he will be free from a chronic premature ejaculation.
"MR. HI" is a medical appliance for men.
Those who feel impotent and suffering from urine problem, diabetes, hypertension caused by erectile dysfunction, prostate hypertrophy can be improved gradually if they invest 10 minutes for exercise everyday.
As men can make his body more stronger by various exercises, training and massages, also it is said that he can innovatively improve the function of genitals by doing certain type of training or stimulating continuously.
If you learn how to do exercise and training, your genital organ will be strengthened with confidence in your capability and feel the most beautiful changes of the world as well.
[Product Features]
The product actively circulates plenty of blood in the corpora cavernoss penis and glans penis using vacuum pressure resulting in improvement of premature ejeculation and impotence and enhancement of penis diameter and length as well.
Male penis begins to shrivel, become fitty and smaller with age. The failure to make frequent use result in retrogression. Frequent exercise helps maintain strong muscle and prevent retrogression. Likewise, your male can improve impotence through a steady exercise.
Male penis begins to shrivel, become fitty and smaller with age. In addition, the failure of frequent use causes retrogression of sexual function. This causes male head hung low and cower in the corner.
The product is aimed at improving the penis that has been weakened and vestigial penis through a routine electric suction. A scientific principle combined with clean product composition of this product helps create a bright family life based on a sound sexual culture. In addition, the product is the training device aimed at expressing the natural power of human rather than depending on drug, injection, alcohol, etc.


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 549, Gyeongsu-daero, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (16482)
Medicoco Co., Ltd.

Medicoco Co., Ltd.

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    1767 Bongyeong-ro Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do (16712)
njoy a joyful sex life with only an 11 minute work-out every day. Pills, operation, exercise are what many men with hung heads are concerned about. Our penis enlarger uses electricity and is not as uncomfortable as pills or operation and uses a mycom program method with an LCD attached. and is an enlarger that can serve as exercise that(It) enhances the sexual functions by making rhythms and waves with a small but strong vacuum pump. Through the back and forth piston movement through negative vacuum pressure, the corpus spongiosum will be expanded and through this the amount of blood is physically increased to help improve penis enhancement, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. penis enlarger, penis enlargement, penis enhancer external penile rigidity device.
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    penis enlarger ,breast enlarger,penis enlargement
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people


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  • MRHI penis enlarger characteristic of MR. HI is that it prevents high amount of blood in the penis
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