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MD PLANNER R7 - Facial RF massager

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    Model MD PLANNER R7
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    56mm X 164mm

MDPLANNER R7 of Nutricare is a product applied the  
Bi-polar RF Technology that promotes the generation of collagen and elastin of dermis,
Galvanic that delivers the active ingredients of cosmetics to deep skin and help make the skin healthy,Near-infrared that  deeply permeates  into skin and promotes the blood circulation.
LED therapy that could give the synergy effect to improve the elasticity and wrinkle of skin.
[4 ways of Solution Therapy]
Bi-Polar RF: The deep heat caused by Bi-polar RF is delivered to deep skin increasing the temperature and blood flow which promotes the lymphokinesis and stimulates the cell of dermis promoting the generation and regeneration of collagen and elastin. 
Galvanic: Removing the waste by current flow for deep cleansing care and making the active ingredients 400% absorbed and provides the nutrition to the skin. 
LED Light:The 3 kinds of LED which helps all functions be the best effect relax the skin stimulated and make the skin elastic.  
Near Infrared Ray: Near infrared Ray generates NO which increases the blood flow and penetrate into dermis stimulating fibroblast and promoting the generation of collagen and elastin.
[4 Step Professional Programs]
Cleansing: Removing the waste of skin, and make clean skin.
Blue LED restrains skin trouble making the skin clean. 
Vit-C Input: maximizing the effect of delivering the Vit-c to dermis.
Yellow LED with blighting effect make the unbalanced skin ton into bright. 
Nutrition: Helping the active ingredients of cosmetics absorbed.
Green LED cures the damaged skin and make the skin healthy.
Lifting: Intersecting ion stimulates the sagging skin making the skin elastic.
Red LED with anti-aging effect eases the wrinkle.
[Introduction of Bi-polar RF]
Bi-polar is the technology with the two electronic polar generates 1MHz high frequency that generates 41℃ of deep heat in dermis and help skin care.
The deep heat generated in dermis promotes the blood circulation and provides nutrition.
Promoting the generation and recovering of optimized collagen and elastin in 41℃helps make skin elastic and healthy.

Effect 1 Effect 2
Skin tightening and Rejuvenation
Delivering strong RF into dermis
Stimulating the skin cell in dermis, promotes the generation of collagen and elastin and makes skin elastic.
Blood circulation and Nutrition
Promoting the blood circulation by generating deep heat provides the active nutrition on to skin cell and make the skin healthy.

[Bi-Polar RF Effect-Skin Elasticity &Providing Nutrition]
Bi-polar RF Energy generates the deep heat in the skin promoting the generation and regeneration of collagen and elastin and making skin elastic. Providing the nutrition to skin cell by promoting blood circulation and make the skin healthy.
[Bi-Polar RF is necessary for Wrinkle and Regeneration]
Deep heat promotes the generation and regeneration of collagen and elastin of dermis that makes the skin elastic and provides the wrinkle improvement effect.
- Skin Regeneration : Promoting the blood circulation and lymphokinesis regenerates cell that generates immunity and makes healthy skin.
- Freckle and whitening : Proving the oxygen to the skin and eliminating the toxin and waste, activating the cell and restrain the secretion melanin and decomposing the colored melanin.
- Eye zone care : Promoting capillary and blood circulation providing oxygen, lymphokinesis eases the eye bag and dark circle. 


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 88 Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (03131)
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    Ho-Bum Kim
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    88 Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (03131)
Nutricare NUTRICARE specializes in both Beauty & Health products such as Beauty devices, Skin care cosmetics for anti-aging, Make-up Cosmetics, Health supplements, and especially OEM/ODM products. We are supplying high-quality products both domestic and international market as a manufacturer/distributor. We have various lines of beauty devices & cosmetics and we are fully capable of developing them as customer’s preference. We provide high quality of products competable in world market.
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