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Antibacterial spray for cars

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Antibacterial spray for cars
“Air conditioning, heater, vent injection in”
Comfortable space inside the car, the feeling of clean forest bath.

* Name: Antibacterial spray for cars
* Purpose: Vehicle air conditioners (heater) vent, a vehicle seat and interior.
* Volume: 100ml
* Component: Natural wasabi extracts, Plant extract flavor etc
* Manufacturer/Publisher: Co. Peniel World
The efficacy of wasabia
Harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses for efficacy
Animal remains as the immune system of bacteria, fungi (mold) and to protect themselves from having their material as if the plant is harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi protect themselves from.
Species of plants can keep one hundred million years. the reason for this is made ​​in the body of the plant materia l because they emit. These substances attack the harmful bacteria.
All plants possess these substances are.
In particular, the spices have bactericidal and insecticidal.
Research shows that many spices, especially among the wasabi was reported to having many benefits.
▶Five amazing effects and safety of the plant material

1. Antimicrobial :  Wasabi is drifting in the air gasification of bio-structure components destroy the bacteria. So to suppress the propagation. Institute of the University of wasabi oil, antibacterial recent test.As a result, 37 ° C 48 hours at room temperature, the bacteria are also not ubstantially proliferate.
2. Deodorization :  Odor causing molecules adsorbed on the vaporized cyclic oligosaccharides with wasabi ingredient to decompose odor odorless gas is removed.
3. Antifungal :  Volatile components of airborne wasabi gas suppresses the propagation of fungi spores and mold invisible while combating the roots.
4. insecticide :  Wasabi vaporized ingredients in the air a sense of irritation by destroying insects to fight insects and parasites, especially in rice storage barrel rice weevil and highly effective in the fight against cockroaches. 
5. Freshness: The food ingredient of wasabi bacteria and viruses by inhibiting the occurrence of fungi, such effects. And the freshness of the food while maintaining 3-10 times longer suppresses the occurrence of food spoilage.
6. Safety : The Food and Drug Administration's food wasabi space "that can be used without restriction edible plants" are regulated.  Recognized it as the food safety of natural extracts with wasabi knows a safe product.


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  • Name : Geumsuk Bae
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Yongjeong-gil,, Taebaek-si,, Gangwon-do (26028)
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Peniel World
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    Geumsuk Bae
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    Yongjeong-gil,, Taebaek-si,, Gangwon-do (26028)
[Introduction] Peniel World Corporation produces a wide variety of products using wasabi, which is an indigenous plant that powerfully sterilizes harmful germs, fungi, insects, and dust fungi, and has a great number of health benefits when consumed as food, with hopes to create a more fragrant world. The Ministry of Science and Technology set up a team to develop technologies on harnessing indigenous plants as part of 21st Century Frontier R&D Project to protect indigenous plant resources under a national management framework. Research is also being carried out in the academe on ways to use indigenous plants at a time when environmental pollution is harming the ecosystem and even posing a threat to the health of humankind. There are many initiatives being taken in the private sector in both Korea and around the world to leverage wasabi and other plant extracts for aroma therapy, walking in the woods, and herb and aroma products. As the company is committed to continue its analyses and studies in wasabi and its commercialization in order to provide health benefits to all mankind, Peniel World aspires to grow into the world’s number one company harnessing wasabi. [Main Products] Sterilizing aesthetic soap, deodorant, air freshener, and various necessities using natural wasabi as the main ingredient [Vision] Peniel World is in pursuit of an eco-friendly business as a producer of a wide variety of products made out of Wasabi, whose research found its ability to destroy and sterilize germs, fungi, insects, and dust fungi, and also found its health benefits when consumed.
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    Wasabia Spray for self-protection “SHAMAR”
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    3~5 million (KRW)
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    Less than 5



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