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BIO MINERAL POT 1000A-Water Purification Equipment

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    Model BIO MINERAL POT [1000] [1000A]
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    305X485mm, 6,570L
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[ Alkaline Mineral Bio ] Just as the natural waters taste is! It supplies fresh and live Mineral water for you.


*Excellent water filtering fuction Removing pollutants gradationally while passing the multi-layered complex filter applies the principle of filtering water.


*Magnetized water keeping your health Thousand gauss of multipolar magnets are developed into the magnetized water that has call-affinity, and supply live energy deep into water


*Always fresh water even during storage As a Sub Mineral Cartridge using SOMELITE suppresses the propagation of bacteria, it can always supply fresh and live water.


*What is SOMELITE A bacteriostatic agent called SOMELITE is used. This is made by plating silver onto coral sand. It prevents becterial propagation, solving on the biggest problems with water filters.



Purifying type: Natural Filter

Spec: 305(w) X 485(h)mm

Weight: 6.4kg

Reservior: 6 liter(Glass)

Capacity/day: 18 liter(Glass)

Capacity/ year: 6,570L

Power: No electricity


Interval for filter change:

Cotton pad: 80pcs

1st stage filter: 6pcs(2months)

2nd stange filter: 1pcs(12months)

Mineral Main(3rd stage) filter: 1pcs(12months)

Bio ceramic: 1pc(Semi-permanent)

Alkalite diskette: 1pc(Semi-permanent)

Sub Mineral Cartridge: 1pc(12months)


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  • Name : JangJun Bae
  • Tel : 82-027835206
  • Email : trade@waters.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 87, Aegibong-ro, Wolgot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do (10021)
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Waters Co., Ltd

Waters Co., Ltd

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    Kyung-seok Bae
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    87, Aegibong-ro, Wolgot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do (10021)
Our company was founded in 1977 and we have been one of the leading and most specialized companies in the manufacture of water purifiers, filters and shower instruments. Since we have a wide variety of products and prices, we have successfully exported to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Togo, South Africa, Peru, Chile, and Yemen. Overseas Business WIn 1983, we developed ‘Mineral Pot’ which is a water purifier for home use and started to export to Japan, Australia and South East Asia. Since then, we have expanded our business continuously. As a result, now we are exporting our products over 30 countries in the world as one of the leading and specialized company. The amount of money that we have exported since we started our business is over U$ 60,000,000. Waters was awarded a presidential prize in the event of trading day in 1980 and won a prize, which is Over five million dollar tower at the 28th trading days in 1991. Also our water purifying system was used to support the athletics at the Asian Games in Beijing, China in 1990, and designated in official drinking water purifier in many national athletic Games of Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan in South East Asia. As for the certificate, we've received much recognition from international prize for quality in Paris, France, Gold Star Award in Madrid, Spain and International Star prize for quality in Geneva, Swiss in 2000. Currently, we developed big capacity water purifier - Mineral Factory - and succeeded in overseas sales with franchise system to improve human health in the worldwide.
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    Water purifiers
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    11~50 people


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