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AQUA Bling

Bling Hydrogen Skin Care Mist

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    AQUA Bling
    Model SM-16
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    Republic of Korea
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AQUA Bling - bling hydrogen skin care mist

What do you do for your skin in daily life?

The most important thing is a daily care for your skin indeed. To solve these problems, just use this amazing hydrogen mist anytime.

Why hydrogen water?

The source energy of human body comes from a power when nutrient is decomposed by oxygen. At this moment, active oxygen cant be made and is deeply related to health, beauty and aging of our body. Therefore role of hydrogen to neutralize this active oxygen is catching our keen interest.

Dissolved hydrogen 300ppb

If amount of dissolved hydrogen is too high or low, it can discourage penetration into skin. Dissolved hydrogen with appropriate rate leads you to beautiful skin. Hydrogen ion mist changes water into hydrogen mist with rich hydrogen ion.

6-nano level bubble cleansing

Bubble-shaped hydrogen bubble less than 6-nano(0.006㎛) can reach pore, usually 25㎛, and eliminates contaminants and sebum. So if you use hydrogen mist after cleansing face, extra contaminants can be eliminated to improve your skin and lessen trouble.

Long lasting moisturizing

Thanks to the fine 6-nano hydrogen mist can maintain hydration level of skin for a longer time if you use twice a day, whereas normal mist makes your skin drier 30 minutes later after us it.

Pore tightening and anti-wrinkle effect

Hydrogen water’s size from hydrogen mist is much smaller than pore’s. Therefore it can reduce dirt in pore and active oxygen, which causes aging, and minimize wrinkles.

Whitening effect

Melanin causes dark patches mainly made from active oxygen. Hydrogen from this mist can neutralize active oxygen to disrupt melanin and boost whitening effect.

Skin trouble’s sterilizing effect

Hydrogen water from hydrogen mist has rich OH Radical, which helps reduce and sterilize main causes of skin troubles, bacteria and virus among skin.


how to use

1. Open a mini water tank lid and pour less than 5cc of water into the tank.
2. With pulling down a slide switch, an LED color changes to blue and hydrogen water will be generated for 10 seconds.
3. Upon completion of generating hydrogen water, the hydrogen facial mist operates spraying for 20 seconds and the power will be turned off automatically.
(If you want to reuse immediately, simply pull up and down the slide switch.)
4. Evenly spray on face, neck and other areas you want from an appropriate distance.(If you cannot spray smoothly, shake the mist slightly.)
5. Pull up the slide switch after use.(If you carry it while the switch opened, it can a leaking or a damage of a oscillator)

Product Specification

Product Name AQUA Bling-Bling(Hydrogen skin care mist) Weight 62g
Model no SM-16 Capacity 5cc(mini tank)
Voltage power DC 3.7V 350mA Dissolved hydrogen 300~350ppb
Power supply AC100~240V 50/60Hz Number of use per a charge about 50times
Material Tritan(Water bottle) Producing country Republic of Korea
Dimension 45*16*142mm    

* The contents of the instructions can be changed without prior to improve performance.



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