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All daily nutrients required by pet cannot be supplied by food only. 
Some nutrients may be destroyed during heat treatment process in making pet food. Therefore, pet may suffer from serious illness caused by imbalance of nutrients when only pet food is fed.

There are some illnesses that must be controlled although they are common in pets.

For puppies, there are some illnesses that are common but should be controlled, such as joint inflammation by coxa, skin and hair illnesses caused by allergy, intestine troubles with the highest mortality. For animals that require grooming such as cats, hair ball inside intestine should be removed and bottom urinary disease should be prevented by supplying sufficient water.

The number of pets abandoned is more than 80,000 every year.

48% responded they abandoned pets due to health issue or financial burden on treatment. Therefore, in order to prevent pets abandoned and promote better and happier life of both pets and owners, it is necessary to manage health of pets although protection of abandoned dogs and cats is important.

Introduction of Product

Purigio, gel type, powder type and DP box

Detailed Dex-scription

Biotin – for healthy skin and hair: Biotin contains Vitamin H, DHA.EPA and collagen that help maintain skin and hair health. Therefore, it is suitable for dogs with long hair or skin troubles.
What is biotin? It is an inevitable vitamin for growth of animals and plants as one of vitamin B complex. It is known to have positive effects on skin and hair. There is no symptom when it is excessive while skin troubles and hair loss can be caused when there is lack of biotin.
What is DHA/EPA? As one of unsaturated fatty acids, it is impossible to generate inside the body in vivo. Therefore, it is an essential nutrient to be obtained from the outside. Particularly, it is known that DHA helps to make skin elastic and smooth.
What is a fish collagen? Collagen is a main protein found in all combined tissues such as skin and blood vessel. It is known that collagen is good to maintain skin health. Particularly, fish collagen shows high absorption rate due to smaller particles and a low melting point

Red Ginseng – for strong immune system: Red Ginseng contains extract from 6 years old Goryeo red ginseng and Yucca roots. 
Goryeo red ginseng – known as ‘the king of herbs’ in the world. It is a natural health food with longer than 2,000 years history. It enhances and activates functionality of ginseng without generating heat inside the body.
What is Ginsenoside? Ginsenoside refers to saponin contained in red ginseng. It has special medical effects due to chemical structure different from other plants. It helps to create new bioactive components, recover energy, improve immune system and strength health and spirit.
What is Yucca extract? Yucca is a monocotyledonea growing in North America. Extract from the root can be used as a raw material from many nutrient products. Saponin contained in Yucca root helps to reduce pain, improve antibacterial effect and remove bad smell from the body and poo.

Probiotic – for healthy intestine: Probiotic contains Kimchi lactic acid and enterococcus faecium, which all help improving digestion and maintaining healthy intestine.
What is probiotic? It refers to oral administration of live microorganism or organics to promote health or growth of humans and animals. It is known that  it maintains lactic acid bacteria within a normal level and make intestine health.
What is Kimchi lactic acid bacteria? As lactic acid bacteria grown from ecosystem of Kimchi. It lives in harsher environment than intestine. Therefore, it has excellent survive rate and bactericidal action. It is known to be good to improve atopic dermatitis and immune system.
What is prebiotics? As an indigestible element that helps to grow beneficial bacteria inside intestine, it is known that it helps to improve environment inside intestine as a nutrient source of probiotics. Most of them exist in a form of dietary fiber.
Hair ball – Removing hair ball and toxin from intestine: It contains alginic acid, taurine and dietary fiber. It helps to maintain body balance, intestinal regulation and remove toxic materials in cats.
What is alginic acid? It is an alkaline matter that is not digested in the body of mammals and captures and emits toxic materials to the outside of body. It is known that it improves intestinal regulation and remove toxic materials.
What is taurine? It is an essential amino acid for cats. It must be acquired from the outside as cats could not make it from the inside of body. When there is lack of taurine, there are severe adverse effects such as balance loss, decreased visual acuity and problems in reproduction.
What is a dietary fiber? It is known as fiber or cellulose that is rich in vegetable, fruit and seaweed. It promotes intestinal regulation and bowel activity.

Glucosamine – for healthy bone and joint: It contains glucosamine, chondroitin and calcium. It helps to improve joint management of old pets and growth of bones in new born pets.
What is Glucosamine? It is an essential element that constitutes cartilage in an animal as one of amino acids. It is known that it promotes proliferation of joint and cartilage cells and helps to promote health of joints and cartilage.
What is chondroitin?
It is one of components that constitutes cartilage in an animal as one of polysaccharides. Chondroitin protects existing cartilage by preventing activities of enzymes that can destroy cartilage, as well as promoting growth of new cartilage.

What is calcium? It is known that it is involved in creation of bone structure and tooth of an animal. As it plays a role in creating and dissolving bones according to the concentration in blood, calcium consumption is a very important element in generating and maintaining bones.



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The company to create a road to the world by constructing a global network for the Korean pet industry. UNITED WE STAND, We stand for better health, better play, longer naps and more treats. A higher standard for pets of all kinds. GUPUP is committed to bring real solutions to pet owners and to make pets happy. GUPUP (Global United Pet Group, Inc) is a global marketer and manufacturer of pet supplies with established brand names. GUPUP’s primary focus is on PASSIONATE PET OWNERS who seek the best for their pets are loyal to brands that deliver value-added solutions for their pets…and are high volume consumers of pet supplies. Our success is based upon building world-class branded products that we can market and sell with our RETAIL & DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS. GUPUP is well positioned for continued success. The company has: • a strong market position with a diversified product offering • strong and established customer relationships • experienced management teams • continued growth and margin improvement opportunities • solid historical financial performance with good internal growth • a global pet organization well positioned for bolt-on acquisitions Key assets of GUPUP provide a strong basis for its success and for independent businesses to join the GUPUP family of brands and businesses. With the ever-changing dynamics of the pet supplies market, increasing retailer consolidation, limited financial resources, and other business challenges, independent pet supplies businesses often face many hurdles that GUPUP can help overcome. GUPUP brings multiple assets to the table: • Strong Distributor & Retailer Relationships • Extensive Knowledge of Customers, Consumers, and Competitors • Leading Brands • Commitment to innovation and R&D • Multiple Manufacturing/Distribution Platforms • Great Team of People • Proven Track Record • An Exciting Game Plan for the Future
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