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Purigo Yeongyang Sunsik is a health food for puppy, which can be prepared by stirring in water like porridge every morning, instead of traditional pet food.

So, why porridge? The porridge part of “Imwongyeongjesipyukji (traditional Korean rural life and economy book)’ considers porridge as the best breakfast, saying “eating porridge after waking up every morning creates a feeling of full in the empty stomach and health supporting effect of porridge is not insignificant. In addition, porridge is good for stomach as it is very soft and smooth. It is the best food.”

So, how about puppy that eats dried food in the morning? Do you think their stomach is comfortable? Their poo condition is good and the amount and smell of poo is reduced if puppies’ stomach is comfortable. Of course, they become healthier. If you are a sensitive owner of a pet, try Purigo Yeongyang Sunsik before feeding or together with conventional food every morning to protect stomach and health of your pet.

What food is good for what kind of dogs?
Purigo Yeongyang Sunsik is provided as a porridge in the morning and good for new born puppies less than two months with weak tooth, old dogs that have difficulties in eating dried food due to aged tooth, puppies recovering from illness and weight management of obsessed dogs. 
Purigo Yeongyang Sunsik has good taste and rich nutrients as it made of 100% Korean brown rice and vegetable.
Purigo Yeongyang Sunsik can be provided in a different way according to age and condition of a target dog as it contains high quality health supporting raw materials.

Biotin – for healthy skin and hair: Biotin contains Vitamin H, DHA.EPA and collagen that help maintain skin and hair health. Therefore, it is suitable for dogs with long hair or skin troubles.
Red Ginseng – for strong immune system: Red Ginseng contains extract from 6 years old Goryeo red ginseng and Yucca roots. Therefore, it is suitable for dogs that need to improve weakness, strength immune system and recover from illness.
Probiotic – for healthy intestine: Probiotic contains Kimchi lactic acid and enterococcus faecium, which all help improving digestion and maintaining healthy intestine. Therefore, it is suitable for dogs that need to improve intestine health.
Glucosamine – for healthy bone: Glucosamine helps maintaining healthy bones and joints and contains UT-ll C. Therefore, it is suitable for new born puppies and old dogs that need healthy bones and joints.

Specialties of Yeongyang Sunsik
1. Developed a functional raw material based on previous research – Semyung University’s research group that is specialized in traditional Korean medicine test and functional raw material development – developed functional raw materials only for Purigo such as traditional Korean medicine composite, UT2C and Ecokito.
2. Developed a unique recipe – developed a unique recipe only for Purigo containing organic materials, Kimchi lactic acid, UT2C and traditional Korean medicine composite
3. Ensured effectiveness and safety through research and development.

How to Feed
1.. Open a satchel and pour the content into a bowl
2. Add 100ml of water and stir well until it is soft.
3. Add water if necessary and stir well until the mix is good to eat
Tips. Prepare several ways according to your taste – mix with water and give it like a porridge
You can put it on conventional food and give it together with conventional food.
You can spray powder on conventional food without mixing with water

Raw materials and ingredient analysis
Main functional materials – 100% Korean brown rice, vegetable mix (carrot, broccoli and cabbage), biotin (vitamin H), collagen, DHA/EPA, Goryeo Ginseng (6 years old), 12 kinds of traditional Korean medicine composite, Yucca extract powder, Glucosamine, UT-ll C, Kimchi lactic acid, enterococcus faecium, yogurt powder, BBQ seasoning, Ecokito oligosaccharides
Ingredient analysis – crude fat (higher than 6.0%), crude fiber (less than 2%), crude ash (less than 5.0%) and moisture (less than 14.0%) 79.5Cal (per satchel)

Other information
Feeding Subjects – puppies and other small animals
Type of food: single ingredient (combined)
Country of origin – Korea
Shape of food – powder
Net Weight: 64.5g (21.5g*3ea)



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    Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu,, Seoul,, Korea (03911)
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