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Natural Soap for Infants HUSOAP

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[ Product Introduction ]

The First Project for Our Children
You wish your children could enjoy washing hands and taking a bath, don’t you?
RIPPLE & HOHO STUDIP developed ‘HUSOAP’ natural soap which is designed to blow, as the first project to change bath into a fun game for children. 

*This product was developed, with the support of consumers on a crowd funding website ‘Tumblbug’ in 10th June 2016.

Natural soap to arouse interest of children who don’t like washing.
This is a natural soap to use in washing, creating big bubbles using a bubble stick.
Also, it is equipped with a prop so you can keep it dry for a long use.
This soap is less sensitive and soft and passed the skin irritation test and the ingredient test.
HUSOAP is a natural soap which does not contain a hardener.
It melts well in a watery space. Put onto the prop to use it long.
The prop is adhesive to the walls, including a slippery tile or a mirror. 

How to Use 

1. Wash the soap with warm water.
2. Turn the soap when using so a soap film can be created in the serrated bubble making stick of the middle.
3. Once blow at the soap after a soap film is created, soap bubbles are made. 

Size and Components

A set of components: Set No.1 forest friends(lion and rabbit) and soap prop, Set No.2 ocean friends(octopus and blue crap) and soap prop
Size: 210*160*30

Primary Ingredients

Lion Soap(150g): broccoli / baby powder-scented – Broccoli is good for sensitive skin by controlling sebum creation and secretion and providing skin with nutrients. 
Rabbit Soap(95g): sweet pumpkin / banana-scented – Sweet pumpkin promotes skin and cell regeneration and helps in curing scars.
Blue Crap Soap(115g): paprika / cherry-scented – Paprika is rich in vitamin A, B, C, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium and helps in curing dermatitis, caused by atopy, skin whitening and freckles.
Octopus Soap(95g): green bamboo / apple-scented – Green bamboo is antibacterial and effective in relieving skin fever. This is also helpful in skin troubles and itchiness.


As this consists of natural ingredients, use within 8 months after opening.
This product is to arouse interest of children. Be careful to prevent children from eating it.
Soap balloon may lose moisture fast according to the environments used, or weaken, since it does not contain chemical substances. 
Also, soap balloon may not be created well when it is first opened. Bubbles are created well after a week.

 Age for use: 12-month year old and above (Parents must watch out for children aged 3 or under when they use this.


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    309, Pilmun-daero, Dong-gu,, Gwangju,, Korea (61452)
RIPPLE is a design studio which is specialized in visual design and products design and developing baby products. Our main item is HU SOAP, a natural soap for infants. Good morning. Our company is a company that manufactures and sells infant natural soap, which is made by nets in soaps and blowing bubbles to children who do not want to wash. Main product Functional (Natural Ingredients) + Play (Bubble Soap) 2 Natural Soaps and Couches with Concepts - Natural ingredients are used to prevent irritation to children's skin, and chemical stimulants are not used to minimize the irritation on the child's skin. - Korea Chemical Fusion Test KTR showed skin irritation and skin test results - Social enterprise EM (useful microorganism) It is made in the digestive aram work (white white) which produces natural soap and detergent - We use natural ingredients to keep children's skin from being irritating and do not use chemical surfactants to minimize irritation on our child's skin. Unlike the existing infant soap, it is different from others - Ingredients used in soaps with natural soaps can be considered for children's skin type - Unlike traditional toys after bathing, they can be easily organized to reduce the work of parents.
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    Natural Soap for Infants HUSOAP
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  • Natural Soap for Infants HUSOAP