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Gene Rejuvenating Skin

Gene Rejuvenating Skin Serum

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    Gene Rejuvenating Skin
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GeneStyle Skin - The power of genes to reverse time
Maximize anti-aging effect by using scientific skin DNA analysis and cosmetics customized for my DNA! Discover Your Skin With GeneStyle!
The different speed of aging depends on genetic characteristics and environment! Current skin types are the result of the combination of genetically innate skin characteristics and environmental factors. Therefore, the same skin care system has limited anti-aging depending on individual skin characteristics.
Gene Style Skin provides an optimal anti-aging solution that takes into account the genetic characteristics of an individual and vulnerability of the individual to aging through scientific skin DNA analysis results.

14 days of DNA analysis + 28 days of DNA custom skin care
1. Gene Style Skin - DNA test

Gene Style Skin is a skin DNA test that analyzes genetic information of six items related to skin aging. Genetic analysis helps you accurately predict individual skin conditions and optimally customize your skin. Stop the same cosmetics and find the right anti-aging solution with the right cosmetics for you!

Genetic test items
Skin elasticity, Sun Damage protection, Sensitivity + Inflammation inhibition capability, Pigmentation protection, Free Radical Damage prevention, and Anti-Wrinkles
2. Gene Rejuvenating Skin

Gene Rejuvenating provides an optimal anti-aging solution based on the results of Gene Styleskin DNA analysis, taking into account individual genetic characteristics.

Gene Rejuvenating Skin serum

Highly concentrated functional essence providing a solution customized for skin DNA.
Experience the optimal anti-aging effect with a serum customized for your skin DNA!
Use the raw materials of European luxury cosmetic brands! We guarantee excellent quality by using high-quality raw material of Silab in the French.

[1] Repair Serum - If you have a gene with weak elasticity, use Repair Serum! It maintains the functional structure of the dermis layer, strengthens the structure and elasticity of collagen, and increases the elasticity and wrinkle. It is elasticity specialized serum.

[2] The First Serum - If you have a gene that is vulnerable to wrinkles, use The First Serum! It contains PROHYAL +, Silk Protein, Amino Acid Complex, Phyto Stem-3, and Multipep-7 to improve wrinkles from fine to deep wrinkles.
[3] Vita-C Serum - If you have genes vulnerable to UV damage and pigmentation, use Vita-C Serum!
Vita-C, which is excellent for whitening, is a component that is easily oxidized and turned to green in water. Stop using ineffective products because it is diluted with water! You can feel intact high purity Vita-C from this serum. * Due to the special formula of high purity vitamin C, you can may a little warmth and tingling.

[4] Bio Energizer Serum - If you have genes that are susceptible to skin damage due to active oxygen, use Bio Energizer Serum!
Improve tired, dark skin and rejuvenate it to bright, fresh skin tone. It is an antioxidant serum that emits substances causing skin damage and makes skin tissue vigorous and elastic.

[5] Stem-C Serum - If you have a gene that has weak skin defense, use Stem-C Serum!
It contains stem cell activation material and Centella asiatica so it is effective for skin regeneration and sensitivity relief. It is a serum showing immediate skin soothing effects and discovering the youth in the skin by helping moisture restoration of damaged skin



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TheragenEtex Bio Institute

TheragenEtex Bio Institute

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Thera Genetex is a company specialized in genome analysis that promotes the diagnostic and new medicine development using state-of-the-art genome decoding technology and latest bioinformation analysis technology. The company has the world's best genetic analysis technology and the fifth company identified the human genome map. We identified the gastric cancer gene of Korean in June 2013 for the first time in the world and completed the genome map of Minke Whale for the first time in the world as well, which was the cover story of Nature Genetics. We have world known technology.
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