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e-future Classic Readers

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[Product Introduction]
e-future Classic Readers is a collection of jewel-like works ranging from Aesop's fables to famous literary works of Andersen, Shakespeare, and Brothers Grimm, and fairy tales from all over the world to provide learners with pleasure. It is a readers’ series composed of 180 volumes and 11 levels.
The newly reconstructed classical masterpieces bring the joy of reading English and enhance the universal values ​​that anyone can relate to.
Each story has been carefully selected to best suit the level of learners at each level and is systematically designed to expand the grammar and vocabulary levels step by step.
[Main Funtion]
Lower Elementary (Starter ~ Level 2) Total 70 Books 
The lower elementary level (Starter ~ Level 2) is for learners at the lower elementary grades. It is designed to allow learners who begin to be interested in reading English to read and understand stories easily.
● A systematically leveled world-class masterpiece story
● Full-color illustrations that are lively and cute
● Introduce story characters and essential vocabulary
● Story Review to rebuild story after reading
● Playlet scripts for more interesting lessons
● Hybrid CD containing story animation, audio, word learning, and quiz
● Enjoy once more with Youtube animation
Upper Elementary (Level 3 ~ Level 6) Total 50 Books 
Upper Elementary Level (Levels 3 ~ 6) is designed for students who are in the upper elementary school grades. It consists of stories to build the level of stories with maintaining the fun and excitement of the original, so students can enjoy and improve their reading skills naturally.
● A systematically leveled world-class masterpiece story
● Various and rich illustrations to help students understand the story
● A brief introduction to the original story and the author
● Expanded vocabulary in conjunction with story sentences through Pictorial Glossary
● Playlet scripts for more interesting lessons
● Audio CD read by the native voice actors and actresses
Secondary (Level 7 ~ Level 11 ) Total 60 Books 
The Secondary level (Levels 7-11) is for upper elementary students and secondary school students. It has more complex plots and longer stories for more advanced students. It includes activities for each chapter to enhance reading. It helps more effective reading. 
● Systematically leveled world-class masterpieces
● Various and rich illustrations to help students understand stories
● Introduction to the background of the original story and author
● Various story-related activities to enhance understanding and enhance reading skills
● Study essential vocabulary in the story through Glossary
● Additional Mp3 downloadable files recorded by native voice actors and actresses are available separately at www.e-future.co.kr/ www.e-future-elt.com.
Configuration : 432 units, 3 year course
150*210 size / (saddle stitch binding and wireless binding
Hybrid CD with Animation(*Starter ~ Level 2-20)
Audio CD(*Level 2-21 ~ Level 6)
MP3 Audio Files(*downloadable)


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  • Name : Dongha Kim
  • Tel : 82-0234000512
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  • 113 Jungdae-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (05718)


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    Ki Hyun Lee
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    113 Jungdae-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (05718)
E-Future Co., Ltd. has developed the English education program and teaching materials most suitable for the of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) English education environment and is the first KOSDAQ listed company to export goods to 30 countries in Asia, South America, and Middle East. Our researchers are continuously developing English education contents that can be universally applied to the global market regardless of national or cultural environment by reflecting the effective teaching method obtained from the English education over 20 years. We provide differentiated education support services to our customers through lecturers who have both field experience and academic theory. We supply self-developed on-line and off-line contents through our affiliated research institute at the right timing and compete with the world's leading English language companies in domestic and overseas markets through excellent R & D. Especially, in addition to the export of products, we provide training and teaching methods for our products to the teachers in the importing countries and actively support our sales activities. These efforts help our contents be settled early in the market. Periodic meetings are also made to collect trends and product localization information in overseas markets and they are reflected in R & D. In addition, we have continued to participate in leading overseas book fairs and English conferences to cope with global English education trends and sales networks. We strive to develop and distribute high quality educational contents.
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    Knowledge Service
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    SMARTree English
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    1~2 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people


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    1~2 billion (KRW)
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