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Savon De Marseille


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    Savon De Marseille
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"Savon de Marseille" is a King Louis XIV's soap produced directly by Le Chatelard 1802 preserves authentic Marseille soap quality till the present by using only finest quality of pure vegetable oils from the Provence region according to French Louis XIV's decree to maintain the world best and the finest soap with natural oils.
Le Chatelard soap is made from three main ingredients by the authentic Marseille soap manufacturing process.
Basic Ingredients include above 72% of olive oil, palm oil, plant colza seed oil, and we add the water from the Alps, herb essential oil, natural minerals also. The main ingredient, oleic acid, is an unsaturated fatty acid that does not change easily, so it provides cleansing and moisturizing effect. Also, natural herbal essential oil is included, so even after cleansing the Provence's fragrance lingers for a long time. Therefore, it is the best cleansing soap recommended by dermatologists as cleansing oil soap that protects skin by minimizing skin damage caused by indiscreet use of chemical cleanser.
1. Natural vegetable soap: It is a vegetable oil soap with more than 80% vegetable oil and natural fragrance. Users with sensitive skin can use the soap safely, and enjoy the aroma of luxury.
2. Neat cleansing and strong moisturizing effect: rich and thick foam with vegetable oil and olive oil surfactant, cleans without irritation. Nutritional ingredients of plant oil moisturize and nourish the skin to maintain moist skin all day long.
3. No softening: Contrary to conventional natural soap, it is dried for more than 5 days in cool mountains of the Provence, and does not easily soften.
4. Rich bubbles of vegetable oil: Unlike ordinary chemical soaps, the rich bubbles of vegetable oils come out in form of the oil-only, firm bubbles, and you can feel oil massage and cleansing at the same time.
1. Capacity and weight: 100g
2. Main Ingredients: more than 80% of olive oil, palm oil, colza seed oil, water, natural plant oil, natural minerals
3. Size: 7 x 4 cm (packed in individual cellophane / 8.5 x 5 x 2 cm)
4. Color: Typical examples are Royal Jelly, Shea Butter, Violet, Verbine, Rose, Lavender, Lavender Flower, Donkey Milk, Argan, Red Fruits, Aloe etc.
1. How to use: After bubbling with a little water, use gently as if massaging
2. Period of use: 3 years from the date of manufacture, and recommend period of use after open is 12months
3. Main Specifications: All skin types



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Le Chatelard Pacific Ltd.

Le Chatelard Pacific Ltd.

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Since 1802, the lavender farm has been run by the Montaud family in Saint-Auban Ouvèze, Provence, France, and Le Chatelard has earned reputation around the world as a symbol representing Provence's herbs, soaps and natural cosmetics. The lavender farms and herb farms, run by Le Chatelard, are closely linked to the history of the Montaud family and are now proud of the value of tradition and have grown into a French company that keeps its skills and traditions for a long time. Le Chatelard business considers the value of Provence’s nature as its the most important value inherited from 1802, and recovers the essential life of human nature threatened by chemical cosmetics developed by modern science and technology, with “Natural Herbal Cosmetics” made with the raw materials of Provence, the “Marseilles Soap” of Louis XIV Royal Signature of France. LeChatelard 1802 uses an herb aroma which is cultivated by France’s Montaud family, and an aroma is extracted into essential oils. To exert superior efficacy, we study the characteristics and efficacy of each herb and make the best quality through medical examination and verification. We also strive to protect and preserve the earth's environment and animals that have existed for tens of thousands of years by not experimenting with animals and by minimizing the use of parabens, preservatives, chemical pigments and animal raw materials for human-safe products.
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