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A direction board of luminous stone with a life line

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Life line stands for the safety indicating sign method of a new concept which was used by the National Emergency Management Agency and fire stations from 2004.

▶Lifeline Designation background
- It was proven that the evacuation direction cannot be induced just from legal evacuation inducing equipment (guide lights, emergency light) due to the smoke and blackouts in big fires such as the Daegu metro fire accident (Feb.18th, 2003).
Therefore, it is a luminous stone direction board made by carving hollows and reliefs into rock and inserting nightglow.
1. It is strong to fire as it is rock.
2. Various designs can be expressed on the rock.
3. There is no need for electricity.
4. Construction is easy.
5. Mass production is possible.
6. Various grafting is possible such as in direction boards, construction, museum restoration
   business, building interior and exterior materials.
Various grafting is possible such as with marble plates and stone.


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It was proven (18/02/2003) that evacuation guidance facilities (such as guiding lights and lighting) alone cannot direct people toward an evacuation direction in smoke and power failure caused by large fire. In recent years, large complex buildings in connection with subways and underground shopping malls have been constructed. In addition, safety evacuation facilities required by the existing fire fighting laws are insufficient for safe evacuation, causing concerns about the loss of many people in case of fires. Life line is being required in many countries in preparation for various terrorist threats and disasters. In the September 11 attacks in the US, the concept of life line had been applied to the World Trade Center, enabling more than 10,000 people to quickly escaped through stairs. Since then, the US Department of Defense, Japan's Yokohama Subway, Shanghai Trade Center and many other countries have been adopting the life line. Currently, the material of life line is plastic or PVC material, which is non-fire-retardant material, having a fatal hazard that cannot give much help to people in case of fire. For this reason, Donga able Inc. has developed a stone guiding plate with luminescent life lines on its surface that is strong against fire. Because the product is made of stone, it is strong against fire, does not need electric power, is easy to construct, has long durability, and has excellent feature going well with urban landscapes.
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    A stone sign with a night light on it
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    3~5 million (KRW)
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    Less than 5


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  • A direction board of luminous stone with a life line
  • Natural Stone block Sign
  • A luminous stone sign ∅150 (20t)

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