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Soy BIO+

Soy BIO+ Fermented Shampoo 500ml Hair Cooling Organic Therapy Essence-Oil Nature

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    Soy BIO+
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    Republic of Korea
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    black soybean
Soy BIO+ Fermented Shampoo 500ml
Soy BIO+ Fermented Shampoo that contains the moisturizing properties of 'black soybean'

What is a black soybean?
It is rich in arginine and plant protein, making it effective in hair growth and hair loss by lowering the heat on the scalp. 

The scalp is also skin!
Fermented black soybean shampoo for healthy scalp

Removing dandruff and dirt / Sebum control / Strengthening hair root / Forming natural coating layers / Firm & dye protection function / Hair conditioning
Organic black soybean extract base
It is an eco-friendly fermented shampoo using a fermented extract of black bean certified by Jeong-eup's organic farm village, rather than purified water.

Contains natural extracts
Various natural extracts such as Angelica gigas, Rehmannia glutinosa, Cnidium, and Astragalus membranaceus reduce the scalp heat, preventing hair loss, while helping to improve the health of the scalp and hair. 

Contains natural herbal essence oils
It contains natural herbal essence oils such as Rosemary, Tea tree peppermint and Clary sage, nourishing the sensitive and easily irritated scalp, thus strengthening the hair scalp.

Safe with no additives
Free of tar color, animal ingredient, mineral oil, talc, paraffin, polyacrylamide and sodium lauryl sulfate

Benefits of black soybean 
- It is rich in arginine and plant protein, helping grow hair and prevent hair loss. 
- It helps to promote blood circulation, providing the optimal environment for hair growth.
- It helps to prevent hair loss by lowering the heat on the scalp. 
- It was classified as a medicinal ingredient and its efficacy was proven in Dongui Bogam and Compendium of Materia Medica.

The healthy power of nature
Natural antidote listed on Dongui Bogam, Compendium of Materia Medica and Myeongui-Byeolrok

It is made by naturally fermenting organic black soybean and adding blended extracts using the technique Sshabav as well as 20 naturally-derived extracts including Angelica gigas, Rehmannia glutinosa, Cnidium, and Astragalus membranaceus, giving strength and vitality to the scalp and hair

Main Ingredient Information - Glycine Max (Soybean)
It improves the restoration of the scalp by containing fermented black soybean extract instead of purified water (water). 
(It may inevitably contain a very small amount during the process of extracting and compounding raw materials, which is conducted by the raw material company.)
How to use
Soak your hair enough with warm water and make a sufficient amount of lather with hands. Use finger tips gently when you massage your hair and scalp.  leave it for minimum 2 mins to get into scalp enough. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Amount   500ml / 16.9 fl oz
Color   Transparent clear white
Fragrance   Cooling pepperment
Texture     Viscous liquid


It is can be used by anyone from baby to adult and also pregnant women. You can use it as a body wash as well. 

ECOCERT is accredited by the USDA and enable you to access to the North American market by getting your products certified in accordance with the NOP (National Organic Program) Standard.


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  • Name : Jeongjun Hwang
  • Tel : 82-01045802997
  • Email : jj_hwang@sshabav.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 306, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (06210)
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    Jeongjun Hwang
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    306, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (06210)
earing Nature' with this Slogan, Organic Fermentation Cosmetic Specialized Company sshabav Co. Established in 2014 We developed SoyBIO+ Substance ourselves Stability of Organic Ingredient + Effect of Fermentation at once! Use Organic Fermented Black Soy Bean Extract(SoyBIO+) With this SoyBIO+ We made SoyBIO+ Products, Anyone can reach High Quality Product We tried to lower price on Package, Design. We launched another brand named MeanGirl with lower priced High Quality in 2017
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    Hair and Scalp care products
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    5~10 people


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