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Pozzolan Volcanic Ash Soap

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    Republic of Korea
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    74mm X 74mm
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  • Function
    Anti-aging, Skin vitality
  • Features
    It was made by fermenting natural raw materials into beneficial microorganisms.
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    All ages
Buten's pozzolan ash soap is effective for all skin types such as anti-aging, oily and atopic skin.
Without using purified water, rich in natural saponin and antioxidants
To improve the skin troubles and to relieve skin problems
It helps.
It is rich in polyphenol and tannin components and has excellent antioxidant ability.
Pozzolan, a natural mineral mineral made from the accumulation of rhyme extract and volcanic ash,
is the best for skin care. It helps prevent skin aging, prevent atopy, acne and skin vitality.

Pozzolan is a volcanic activity on the Korean peninsula during the Mesozoic Cretaceous period 65 million years ago
The resultant minerals are natural minerals formed by deposition of volcanic ash

Pozzolans have 187 times the composition and effects of loess
(Germanium content 2.0ppm), deodorizing effect, sterilization, anion, good quality
It has functions such as far-infrared ray emission, plant growth promotion, and humidity control.
Pozzolan is a strong oxidizing power that promotes skin aging by inhibiting active oxygen to prevent aging of the skin,
negative ions always provide vitality to the skin to keep your skin healthy.


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  • Name : Taehwan Yang
  • Tel : 82-0222011210
  • Email : arbor@buten.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Cheongnyong 8-gil, Gwanak-gu,, Seoul,, Korea (08785)
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arbor korea
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    Sohee Bang
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    Cheongnyong 8-gil, Gwanak-gu,, Seoul,, Korea (08785)
Arbor Korea manufactures true natural soap, shampoo, condition-er, body wash and cleanser that can help resolve skin problems. The representative brand of our company is BUTEN.“Buten” in Spanish means “best” . We produce natural products by combining the reliable ingredients, manufacturing technology and know-how of Buten’s own. We produce products that can be used safely, hoping to challenge for zero skin trouble. Our company produces natural products through steady technological development. Especially, it directly cultivates herbal plants and makes extracts for functional soaps and functional shampoos. In Korea, it runs an experience program for people suffering from skin troubles. Our company is going to make a full-fledged globalization by advertising excellence of ‘natural soaps and household goods providing such goods all over the world. We are looking for partners to cooperate and grow together for the globalization of Buten Philosophy of Buten “Buten’s natural soap and household goods that can be used with confidence" “ I make products for my wife and my two sons.They are used directly by our family members with sensitive skin and trouble. All the soaps of Buten are tested first on my face. Then they are secondly used for my wife and two sons. They will be sold if there is no problem.” Buten Natural Soap Manufacturer - Yang, Tae Hwan We dare not say our products are the best. There are so many good soaps in the world.
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